Video: Nas’ Live Interview @ 92Y

This just started (8pm EST). UPDATED with full recording.

CNN’s favorite rapper sits down with Anthony DeCurtis at the 92nd Street Y about “his life, his art, and his future.”

Previously: Nas – Live @ Radio City Music Hall (Video)

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69 Responses to “Video: Nas’ Live Interview @ 92Y”

  1. Plug Says:

    all you dudes wit all these mask are faggots

    hiding behind fake identities because you got no balls

  2. B Says:

    Pezzie murphy

  3. ayo Says:


  4. Plug Says:

    and I guarantee b would smack fire out of all you niggas if yall tried that shit in the streets

    thats where me and this internet shits defer

    dudes be REAAAL big and bad on they iphones and galaxies

    knowing they marshmellos in real life

  5. ayo Says:

    Zippity do da

  6. B Says:

    Detroit is paradise says:

  7. ayo Says:

    Keep goin

  8. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    while this portion may be completely incorrect

    “and I guarantee b would smack fire out of all you niggas if yall tried that shit in the streets”

    i co sign the rest

  9. ayo Says:

    Put a hex on you

  10. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    matter fact

    how do i know plug , Melty 500 and the young peddy who sleeps wit a teddy aint the same person

  11. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    im out

    im bout to thumb thru these checks

    i suggest yall niggas go get some

  12. B Says:

    When you say checks you mean….

  13. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    and I guarantee b would smack fire out of all you niggas if yall tried that shit in the streets



    Mug gas backed down quick and started talking a different language when he talked about bringing it to the doorstep, lmao.

    Niggas shut the fuck up and put a different spin on it QUICK.

  14. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    6 mins ago
    Put a hex on you



    8 mile
    Cipher Phifer: “put a hex on you. Snap that neck on you”

    I see you dawg!

  15. ayo Says:

    me no like them

  16. hl Says:

    Sucks this isn’t up anymore. Caught a bit of it at work. Seemed like a great, thorough interview.

  17. French Kevin Says:

    Sick where you at. I’m fucking around sampling one of your beats.

  18. Flowdini Says:

    what if Nas and Jay-Z never really squashed it , and they still have tension. in 2001 it was very clear that Nas won that battle , but damn near 12 years later bloggers and some radio personality’s are discrediting Ether , and saying how much better take over was. the fans at that time clearly thought Ether was a better diss record. i to this day think it was a knock out. now in my conspiracy theorist mind , i feel Nas got played a little. 1. swiss beats was the original producer of that record. but then ron browns did it. what happened ? why didn’t swiss finish the record ? what did the swiss version sound like ? 2. for years on different web sites i had seen some verse that also mentions big pun pulling out on jigga , but i never heard it on wax , mp3 , cd , nothing. i read that Colombia kept going back to Nas saying he was to harsh , chill out , and kept telling him to change it up. i want to hear what how original version sounded like. now , the jay-z side of things. ok , so he lost the battle , issues start to come up over at the roc , with dame , cam’ron , the state property mc’s getting into legal trouble , ect. i’m convinced that after blue print 2 jay was like ” i need to get away and come back stronger. so he “retires” , drops the black album , dead’s his business with dame , and starts to reformulate a master plan. it comes down to money. look at what jay-z was worth in 2003 , and now. he made genius moves in the business world. money is power. so he goes , gets his money right , becomes the president to def jam , signs “hit makers” and then gets ready to comes back. i think he must have read some ancient war / revenge manual cuz so far it looked perfect how he was working it. he has the i declare war stunt and brings nas out who he just happens to squash the beef with. then he signs him to some weird deal at defjam with Colombia. then he drops kingdom come. now personally , i liked kingdom come. i thought it was a solid record. (side note: jay-z worst album was vol.1.) but it may have rubbed some people the wrong way … they wanted that gangsta pimp jay-z , not the filthy rich guy. a month later after a delay , hip-hop is dead drops , and we finally get a song with them both. beat was solid , but that nas verse , eh… the jay-z verse was fire. could be he had a few extra bars then nas … eh what even. so then a year later boom , American gangster is born. the synergy was a perfect match even tho the movie was so-so , not the classic it was built up to be , but that album was. Nas and jay on a track again , and yet again jay-z out does him (side note: i am a die hard Nas fan). Nas drops untitled after label issues and its a solid album for it’s concept. a few misses on it , but over all a good album. (Nastradamus is his only trash album) now , i think that at defjam jay made it seem as if he had good intentions for nas , but look at hiphop is dead , and nigger. they were not handled well. and on top of that , he wanted to drop a lost tapes 2 , and that was met with a no. period. jay aint have any say in any of that ? i wonder. then , who helps (but really straight up writes) the jigga book ? dream. who claims that the nigger album had ghostwriters ? dream. who is jay “friends” with ? dream. come on man , tell me all this don’t look fishy ? i’d rather believe what i think to be true then any jay-z Illuminati theory.

  19. tre Says:

    hip-hop has come so far…amazing interview.

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