Video: Joey Bada$$, Capital Steez, CJ Fly – Impromptu Freestyle

Slick Jackson and Barrelhouse BKLYN liberate some previously unseen footage of Joey, STEEZ and CJ Fly having an impromptu freestyle session back in December of 2011.

Previously:Joey Bada$$ & DJ Premier Record “Unorthodox” | Statik Selektah’s Capital STEEZ Tribute Mix

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9 Responses to “Video: Joey Bada$$, Capital Steez, CJ Fly – Impromptu Freestyle”

  1. &What?! Says:

    Nahhhh did Fred the Slobson really do a freestyle named ‘Love Samosa’ or is somebody lying?

  2. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    miami vice minus crockett and thub

    keep the ferrari

    dem two fools was da fuzz

    cant fuck wwit dat im sorry cuz

  3. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    Im out

    jus got a money call

    i expect no less than 500 words from.crack baby justin denying his crack baby hertiage

    peace to the trill

  4. &What?! Says:

    Whippin whitney, My mama as a witness
    Bitches Lickin’ and locking up my swishas
    Once she blow my whistle
    She know it’s dismissal
    Spread the news I’m official
    Now hop out my foreign vessel
    Before I get aggressive
    Forget it, war ready, already tested
    Tears and blood invested
    Till my cardiacs arrested and my 40 oz is empty
    Show me watcha owe me and a porterhouse with that
    Black magic on the tires only I
    Rolling down the lonely mile phony smile, was
    Police on me now, still touring
    And my chain it may slow me down cheer for
    Pain, in it’s purest form
    Don’t complain I came to reign
    From here forward, still noid
    So crib got clear doors
    Burning grains in my air force
    And all I can see is clear ports

  5. &What?! Says:

    riding foreign yet drinking 40 oz???


    Well he might have a car that hasn’t been manufactured in America, but has been imported?

  6. TruthSerum Says:

    My SON-Son….Quit yearning for other niggaz, you fuck ass FAGGOT…..Justin Puhleeeaze Talk To Me…..Puhleeeeeze…..Thas’ what ya fuck ass typing like, boy…..You clocked in at Del Taco already, huh…..Clean dat Deep Fat Fryer, fuck boy…..This wigger LONELY, dawg, why you yearning for another man, bro…..Justin…..Justin……Everything out ya comment X-box is Justin-related….Know what we call dat…..Closet Homosexuality……Just like I said, YOU wake up w/ another mans dick on ya breath before you even brush n’ floss them false ass teeth of yours…..Straight EZ Pass Mouf, how many dicks can you juggle in ya fuck ass mouf, boy……I’m still waiting on them Social Security numbers to claim yo pussy ass on my taxes….I’m a adopt ya pathetic ass and raise you like the son I know you are……Yung Nobody, you and I KNOW, you NEVER fucked NO bitch AT.ALL. Doggy you 16yrs old and WHITE Prove me WRONG…..You woke up w/ my s/n on ya fuck ass mind (I.OWN.YOU.MENTALLY.FUCK.BOY.) No friends came over n kicked it w/ you…..No BITCHES call you…….You don’t own NO automobile…..Matter of fact you ADMITTED in here to your car being REPOED, Yung Cassidy,…..Ya Bank account has a big red negative sign on it……You s’pose to be an RIA, cool, then why when I google that a Paypal money transfer company comes up…..So…..You work at a Check Cashing spot, faggot, Wha’? You toss around OTHER ppl’s money thinking YOU balling, you fuck ass Payday Loan supplying muthafucka…..Nigga YOU jobless, UNEMPLOYED, a Welfare recipient w/ an EBT card…..Ya claim to fame is fucking a 17yr old white runaway in the ass against her will, Yung Butt Pirate…..You like to take young prepubescent girls assholes, Way to go, Yung Megan’s Law….Thas’ YOU a fuck ass ChoMo……You still in High school, you sit alone typing these uber fantasies of yours looking for attention and friendship…..the 2 things lacking in your REAL LIFE…..Wigger, a fuck nigga can NEVER play a REAL NIGGA, everything I said I got is REAL and that hurts ya heart deep down inside….Ya pride can’t accept the fact that you aint on my level, Bozo, You are POOR, nigga…..NO MONEY….Show me PROOF you got doe, pussy…..I can buy 2 30K cars, cuz my money long…..You can’t even afford a Kia Sephia w/ that Del Taco paycheck of yours……You live inan apartment, dawg…..I own a HOME…….Big fucking difference, Yung Short Yellow School Bus…..Nigga ya pockets STAY on E, wigger,…..What vacations you be going on….Nigga I aint comment for like a month…..You here 25/8 typing up a storm….Buncha Duck Tales about ya imaginary lifestyle……And you dickride a NY nigga hardbody, Yung Stan Lee, Jay-z or Justin which one, cock sucker…..You gotta have some mans dick in ya mouf, fucking smut ass fuckstick…..You POVERTY-STRICKEN, bro…That’s A FACT, you can’t prove me wrong on that…..You a W-2 EZ filer, am I lying!? Low-Income ass nigga, section 8 and Public Assistance is your source of income, fuck boy……What college did you graduate from?…….I’m waiting……Yung No Bread, you the one aggy n upset at me…..So you lying, lame nigga shit…..Get sum FACTS on ya side, bro…..You BEEN a fuck nigga, I’d fuck ya Mom’s face unconscious, while you sat on ya bunkbed w/ ya lil’ legs dangling, cheering me on like Go J, Fuck That Bitches Mouf, Dad! Where’s.That.Social.Security.Number.At.Son.


  7. S.I.C.K Says:

    Now hop out my foreign vessel

    Till my cardiacs arrested and my 40 oz is empty
    riding foreign yet drinking 40 oz???

  8. TruthSerum Says:

    F DUDES MAY BE! Says:
    January 8th, 2013 at 11:50 am
    Im out

    jus got a money call<<<<(Translation: My Boss said I need to quit fucking around on my cell phone and get back to flipping burgers…..I'll be back, tho, on my lunch break)

    i expect no less than 500 words from.crack baby justin denying his crack baby hertiage<<<<<(Translation: What Truthserum said yesterday was 1000% FACTUAL & TRUTHFUL about me. It hurt my pride and fucked with me mentally, so I KNOW his real name is Justin cuz he keeps it 1thou-wow…..Now lemme lie and concoct a fraudulent story to get back at him…Maybe he's a Crackbaby like me….Yeah thas' it I'm gonna call him a crack baby w/ 0 Proof to back up my accusations….I mean a crack baby in 2013 that's a mean comeback, right!? like I aint gonna actually try and fight this guy…..He'd murder me on-site…..That nigga J, crazy. Quit yearning for another MAN, faggot!!!!)

    peace to the trill<<<<(Translation: I'm confused….naive…..gullible….misguided…Please help me! I'm from Philly but my fingers are from Texas….I mean I be on dat lean……I mean I be popping percs…..I mean….I mean….Ahhh Fuck it….I'm just a fake ass FRAUD nigga perpetuating a LIE….sue me….But PUHLEEZE be my friend….Puhleeeeeeeeeze just dap me up once)

    Yung Poverty, stay poor, my wigga!!!!


  9. Uzair Says:

    Them Pro Era dudes is official.

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