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DJ Suss One ft. Maino & The Mafia – Last Day Freestyle

Maino and The Mafia go in over Biggie’s ‘Last Day’ for DJ Suss One.

Props: Splash

Previously: Maino & The Mafia – Welcome To NYC

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7 Responses to “DJ Suss One ft. Maino & The Mafia – Last Day Freestyle”

  1. Mack Martinez Says:

    Niggas is Suss, yo (see what I did there(?))

  2. Captain Planet Says:

    I’m in a giving mood today no homo

    More compliments

    Best mask in the past year has to be ayo

    He’s befuddled the most introspective commentors while keeping his comments quite hilarious

    A lot of you masks could learn a lot from him

    He joins an illustrious list of accomplished masks

    Heroine Headliner the GOAT

  3. Mack Martinez Says:

    There are so many “b” masks, counter-masks, frauds, and fakes that I don’t even know who I’m responding to lol

  4. B Says:

    Why does this gayRAB fake Muslim feel so comfortable sayin “nigga/nigger” behind his CPU, knowin damn well in real life he get his kufi slapped off his fuckin head

  5. 007 Says:

    who cares monkey

  6. B Says:

    Chea I like to view porn
    Just me and ya new born
    I’m not waitin till she 3
    That’s too long

  7. TruthSerum Says:

    Captain AfriCAN’T QUIT DICKRIDING PEOPLE YOU’VE NEVER MET IN PERSON, dawg….That screams utter loneliness, LIEgerian…..You handing out faux awards to s/n’s for their comments?…..Yikes, talk about NO LIFE….You NEVER talk about your OWN life, dawg….It’s always dickriding somebody else’s life or accomplishments, son….That shit is lame nigga status personified….And I KNOW you gonna take it to the titty and think I’m throwing shots at ya fraudulent ass, but I’m just giving you the REAL…..You praise other muthafuckaz more than ya own self….I was quiet over the holidays, cuz I have FAMILY…..FRIENDS…..Actual real human beings in my REAL LIFE that I interact with…..This shit right here is just to shit on fuck niggaz fuck ass lives and their dead end jobs living vicariously thru rappers they’re too afraid of to actually go and say was sup to…..In 2013 try and do less dickriding, bro….I aint the only one noticing them LIEgerian Pom Poms always in the air…Don’t be an insecure bitch, just take what I said as constructive criticism that YOU need…


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