Video: Project Pat – I Ain’t Seen Shit

Pat doesn’t know shit about anything. Another one from the upcoming Cheez N Dope, Produced by Drumma Boy.

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13 Responses to “Video: Project Pat – I Ain’t Seen Shit”

  1. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    investing is easy if you not a pussy

    first and foremost

    whats your time horizon

    and whats your risk appetite

    if you want market exposure but dont care to analyze individual companies just invest in the entire stock market cop an index etf (inverse if u think itll go down)

    you think video games will continue to experience high profits?

    there are ETF’s specifally for that industry

    anything u can think of

    its simple .. u dont have to invest in indivudal companies

    i have index etf funds .. sector specific funds and when i get a hunch i grab some invidual companies i.e NOK which ive made over 40% of my investment since thanksgiving by the way

    on the flip as i got som inverse exposure pre this whole fiscal cliff ordeal thinking congress would go over the cliff and the market would shed a few hunnit points

    i was wrong

    so i lost bread

    but guess what

    thats life

    if u scared to take any risk u a pussy

    if u take uncalculated risk ur an idiot

    im still learnin

  2. cOLD Says:

    lesson learnt here Cass, is that loyalty isnt free.

    Pay your shooters and weed carriers.

  3. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    cOLD you really wanna learn

    do what i did when i first got infatuted with this shit in 06

    go to and read everything

    that simple

  4. ayo Says:

    I Aint Seen Shit


    One of the few things you say to the police for a thousand, Alex

  5. tHe kiD FranKiE Says:

    Deep creek md, it’s the best mountain in this area imo mad courses etc the Maryland mountains are normally smaller comparitevly and va/dc don’t have mountain you gotta go north or West Virginia/Pittsburgh etc
    Got a big ass cabin gonna be dope

  6. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    but once u learn the intricaies of da game the picture become a bit clear

    for instance

    u might read a goldman sachs or big i bank firm anaylist reccommend a stock is a buy hold or sell

    to me this means nothing


    because goldman sach anaylsts had NOK as a sell and a hold rating at one point

    but what did they do

    back up the truck and become of the biggest owners of Nokia stock

    thats how the game is played

    do our own homework

    if u investing in some bio pharm company but no nothing about the healthcare industry like myself then that would make u an idiot

    stick to what u know

    pay attention the macro news economic and political

    ask yourself questions bout a company then ask more

    more importantly dont just think of companies in a domestic light

    as we all know the world is flat


    most blue chip us stocks rely heavy on foreign markets

    all this is trill shit

    take it or leave it

  7. tHe kiD FranKiE Says:


    I'm not a gambler so I wasn't really into takin Ls

    But if you a winner n patient go for it

    I felt comfy w commodities n mutual funds slow grind but less risk


  8. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    the best way to learn the market is losing money

    like the summer of 2011

    when i was chasing the tape and dabbed in some ultra inverse index funds

    that summer market votalitly was ridiculous

    day to day there would be 200 300 point swings in both directions

    loss a reasonable amount of bread

    but learned my lesson

  9. cOLD Says:

    go to and read everything

    that simple

    ^ already. Getting the word of the day. … Plus I’ve been reading a few books. Just finished The Beginners guide to investing. Now reading Eric Tyson’s investing for Dummies. In so doing I stumbled across the parodox the leaves people like me financially illiterate.

    When a nigga life so grim, and he living for today he can’t even begin to visualize the ending, so longterm investments and financial planning means absolutely nothing.

    one example likens investing for the future to a marathon race. You spend a lot of time getting in shape (building wealth) so you complete the race. (retire with a nice nest egg). But in a Marathon you know where the finish line is. With life not so much. This makes things less likely for a nigga out the gutter with a short life expactancy.

  10. ayo Says:

    Other acceptable things to tell the police is:

    Fuck You

    Eat A Dick

    That shit aint mine

    and of course

    Shutup cracker

  11. Plug Says:

    I do a little investing

    not much

    just for fun

    havent made much

    but just like any business

    you’ll take losses

    but you learn as you go

  12. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    being that im young

    i take heavy risk

    invest heavy in small mid cap companies


    i could grab shares of the next ibm .. google … apple etc

    in ya lower 30s

    you should still get heavy risk exposure

    shouldnt get conservative til you 40s 50s 60s

  13. cOLD Says:

    what is the sense in getting intoxicated and shit faced around all dudes.

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