Raekwon Announces New Album Title

Growing up, one of my right hand man’s nicknames was “Mr. FILA”. He was a die-hard FILA head originally from Brooklyn but living in Yonkers due to circumstances beyond his control. Me and the homie used to rock the Purple tape daily like that shit held the secrets of the universe. He got deported to Jamaica years ago and we lost touch, but I know he’s gonna be smiling ear to ear when he hears this title.

Pic via Rae

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4 Responses to “Raekwon Announces New Album Title”


    Remember when FILA bodied himself through the glass window on Riverdale?

  2. Danielson The Elusive Says:

    story was cool bro

  3. 90's Rap Says:

    Just for the trapped in the ’90s niggas…not a good thing either because he flow left him a long time ago…

  4. Five Steez Says:

    Yow Eskay, who was your bredrin that got deported?

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