Video: Beanie Sigel Talks Roc-A-Fella Signing

In this clip, Sigel talks about how he transitioned from the streets to being a full time MC and details how a chance meeting with Jay and Dame lead to his deal with the Roc.

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2 Responses to “Video: Beanie Sigel Talks Roc-A-Fella Signing”

  1. Spirit Equality Says:

    He left out that part where him and Black Thought were in a talent show together in elementary school. He didn’t mention how Dice Raw got him put on “Adrenaline”. In fact, he never shouts out Dice Raw for helping him get his first appearance on wax. When I first heard this story, it was Beanie’s manager who set up the meeting with Jay. Beanie doesn’t mention his manager in this story either. Either these cats get so high they forget all these details and all their prior interviews, but why do none of these journalists check them with some follow up questions?

    He also clowns how Das Efx and Fu Schnickens rapped, but that’s how Jay used to rap in the early 90s (check out “Can I Get Open” with that “J iggedy A, iggedy Y” shit Jay was kicking back then).

    SMH @ that “We ain’t just the home of The Roots” comment like Beanie could ever in his life outrap Black Thought and like The Roots weren’t the first people to put him on. What was that supposed to mean? Rappers, man…SMH.

  2. sais Says:

    Thumbs up to Spirit Equality*

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