Don Trip – I Promise (Prod. by Young Chop)

New Trip, Young Chop on the beat. Off this mixtape.

Spotted: TnT

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159 Responses to “Don Trip – I Promise (Prod. by Young Chop)”

  1. Chief Ali Says:

    Best day ever was when D. Billz intro’ed me to Goateesaver back in 2008.

    Been had crispy goatee lines since – never looked back.


    RIP Billz

    *booksmarks page off the strenf*

  2. brolic fonts Says:

    getting stuck in a wiki loop for 7 hrs steez….gotta throw in google backup referencing every now and again tho

  3. charles lee ray Says:

    I still have a hard time believing an arab got beard tips from a black man smh,whats next?

    kizzas giving niggas penile enlargement advice
    asian driving schools

  4. cOLD Says:

    heres what my logic has told me regarding religion and absolute truths. To make a strong statement denouncing one and writing it off as fuckery and untruth, is in fact giving it room to breathe. Because you are just as much making and absolute statement. Who’s to say. The search for knowledge (truth) has drove men insane. My truth is what I can touch and feel (physically and emotionally) and see and love.

  5. S.I.C.K Says:

    The same man that authored “How To Eat To Live” died of heart congestive failure…….

    Life is filled with ironies

    Always easy to give advice rarely applied to one`s own life.

  6. Mack Martinez Says:

    I’m part Arab part Latino.

    Also I see b got his panties in a knot again.

    I thought there was a truce…smh I guess this proves the point that you have to be careful who you make a truce with…I’m watching how this discussion evolves carefully but if need be I will re-load the AK-47s…niggas know I’m capable…NR is littered with coffins of niggas I ethered and then brung back to life solely because I let them live…but I can reverse course…

  7. cOLD Says:

    The same man that authored “How To Eat To Live” died of heart congestive failure…….

    ^ GATTTT!

  8. French Kevin Says:

    which one of these sns is b

  9. brolic fonts Says:

    Qwaack Wednesday’s – Pregnant Booty [User Submitted]

    ^Im done

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