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Alexander Spit – Liquor Store Lately & Inspired By December

Spit quietly dropped two new tracks yesterday.

Look for A Breathtaking Trip to That Other Side to drop January 29th.

Previously: Alexander Spit ft. BAGO – A Breathtaking Trip To The Otherside (Video)

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One Response to “Alexander Spit – Liquor Store Lately & Inspired By December”

  1. Harlem World Says:

    ENTER…a little boy. He is only 6 years old. He is well groomed, dressed and clean-cut. He sits on the bed but makes no impression on the tight slab. He sits expressionless and begins to rock back-and-forth.

    He has no earring in his ear, no jewelry around his neck, no silly ink drawn tattoos on his hands, no headband, no funky hair, no cool shades, no rock/punk emblems, no baggy pants, no scribbled notes from school friends.

    No one calls out happily “hey, since when do you come in without giving me a hug?…so, what happened at school today? No one yells for him to get cleaned up as we’re all going out for pizza. He does not even know what pizza is. Instead, he sits quietly on his bed and he waits, and he waits and he waits.

    He has no past, no present, and no future. He has no reality. He has no hope. Nothing to call his own, nothing to gain, nothing to loose, nothing to exist for and no one to claim him. He has no friends and he is forbidden to have contact with anyone living outside the orphanage. Perhaps the cemetery would do him more justice than an empty place among the living. A little boy living in nowhere land.

    It is called “putting in time” and it is an awful place to be. It is a fate which seems to make sadness his only friend. Another life, another time, another place…it is something to become preoccupied with.

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