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Video: A$AP Rocky Talks “1 Train”

Rocky speaks to Kyle Harvey about “1 Train” for NBC’s The Grio.

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5 Responses to “Video: A$AP Rocky Talks “1 Train””

  1. Captain Planet Says:

    Getting cloooouudddyy …

  2. Slumbilical Says:

    No sign “marathon” sessions to get pussy – if you have 19 hours to invest in pussy you need prostitutes in your life. Do 18 hours of work, get that guap, and fuck for an hour, still have hella bandz left. I need to write a book. Too many misguided brothers out there.

    “Hey baby let’s get together at 4 pm and hang out till 11 am the next day watching movies and smoking shitty weed so that maybe after I get you all fucked up you’ll touch my PP.”

    – Me, never.

  3. charles lee ray Says:

    Lol,if you cant stop working for a year and think nothing of it please dont come round these parts acting like trump.

  4. Captain Planet Says:

    Niggas going above and beyond the call of duty for pussy

    Niggas is on stake outs

  5. Big_seth Says:

    L M A O @ chea.

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