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Chief Keef ft. Young Scooter – On It (Prod. by Mike WiLL Made It)

Keef teased this a few weeks back on his Youtube channel, here’s the full version which you will find on Mike WiLL’s Est. in 1989 Pt. 2.5.

Spotted: FADER

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8 Responses to “Chief Keef ft. Young Scooter – On It (Prod. by Mike WiLL Made It)”

  1. Troubleshooter1900 Says:


    You already know mane. Hotel Per Diem is $110 a night ($770/week) and food is $115 ($805/week).

    You already know a nigga can’t eat $115 worth of food a day and I damn sure ain’t paying $110 a night for hotels. Marriott’s weekly rate for my company is $400 for a 2 bedroom suite (small but it’ll do) and I pocket prolly about $900 a week on top of it all.

    That’s more than some niggas jobs pay them a week and that’s literally free dough for me.

  2. Charles lee ray Says:

    No sign hanging out in a niggas hotel room tho ts

    Is that what’s hot outside the streets?

  3. Charles lee ray Says:

    Poor mrs ts to be all hot and bothered in the sunroom
    And ts in a hotel room reciting illmatic with sajiid at the star trek convention.

  4. Charles lee ray Says:

    Guess who shot in the arteries
    Shawarma b
    On her way home from the pharmacy

  5. French Kevin Says:

    Is this the Chief Keef single that’s supposed to get everybody to buy the album?

  6. Danny Ocean Says:

    yo Eskay

    fix your bum ass website b.

  7. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Danny Ocean
    1 min ago
    yo Eskay

    fix your bum ass website b.

    ^its on its deathbed

  8. Download Beats Says:

    Keef sound best on Young Chop beats but this is cool. Not feeling Young Scooter.

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