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Cassidy – Condom Style

Don’t even know what to say about this.

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4 Responses to “Cassidy – Condom Style”

  1. &What?! Says:

    America drastically needs to evaluate the current policy relating to gun use and gun laws.

    How many times do massacres have to happen before something changes?

    Land of the free, yeah right.

    Can’t even go to the cinema, to pray, school, university, on the train in the US without having to worry about some lunatic ending your life.

    Did you see the type of gun that sick cunt used? Why does a citizen need a gun like that? SAS/Special Forces spec? Idk man but its sad that things like this continue to happen time and time again.

    These were just kids. Children. Innocent children that are never gonna get to grow up

  2. &What?! Says:

    Obama crying, but is he changing laws?

  3. French Kevin Says:

    He actually used 2 handguns. He left the chopper in the car. Probably because it would have gotten everyone’s attention. If you’re gonna ban a firearm, ban the handguns that can be snuck into these kinds of places, not the assault rifles. And look at the statistics of handguns to assault riffle killings. Obama said it himself in the debates that in chicago most of the gun violence comes from little handguns, not assault rifles.

  4. nm Says:

    Why aren’t you guys talking about this hilarious song?

    Oh that’s right, you’re retarded Americans.

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