Video: Ma$e Talks Biggie & Tupac, Cam’ron & Jim Jones

Betha and Sway continue the conversation that started on RapFix. In this clip he shares the gem that Biggie passed on to him that he in turn dropped on 2 Chainz, and speaks on his feelings when he heard that ‘Pac and then Biggie had been murdered.

After the jump he tells us where his relationship with Cam’ron and Jim Jones went south.

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52 Responses to “Video: Ma$e Talks Biggie & Tupac, Cam’ron & Jim Jones”

  1. Jackson7 Says:

    shaq & webber is horrible..

    they all SUCK without Barkley..

    but Barkley is even better doing the games than talking shit in the studio…

    marv albert & barkley > _____________

    steve kerr might as well stfu and go fetch them niggas beer and popcorn

  2. Danny Ocean Says:

    they photoshopped that cracker onto some Malcolm X posters and whatnot and commenced to cooning…

    somebody at TNT gone get fired.. them media jew bosses dont like you givin malcolm and elijah muhammad no airtime shine..

    I cried at the visual.

    those images were kinda heavy for a pre-game show though.

    niggas on the TNT set are comfortable. they stay toeing the lines.

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