Video: Big Sean On MTV’s “This Is How I Made It”

Big Sean appears on MTV’s “This Is How I Made It” to talk about his come up and struggles, leading up to the release of Finally Famous.

Props: Yardie

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One Response to “Video: Big Sean On MTV’s “This Is How I Made It””

  1. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    beej n dem pt. 2 by dilla >>>

    james danced

    ”come down to
    the D baby!
    & we can bounce
    to the key
    & the city
    & hit the VIP
    wit a fifty
    for a head shot
    & the head not
    bad at all!
    show you how
    a player do it
    take jay to do it!
    next year
    niggas wearing gators
    to it! fuck it!
    & y’all made us do this!
    who dis clique
    y’all rollin wit
    we holdin it down
    it’s the Thelonious
    we owning it now!
    ha! yeah!
    keep fuckin around! AH!”

    *heavy drums drop perfect*

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