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Video: The Flatbush ZOMBiES on dose

Tim Brodhagen heads to Brooklyn to profile the Flatbush Zombies for the latest episode of dose on Network A.

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3 Responses to “Video: The Flatbush ZOMBiES on dose”

  1. Slumbilical Says:



    To all of you who have tattoos: shit’s over. It’s a wrap. Kizzas killed it. Forever. And ever. Clean skin is in. If it does not fit you must acquit.

  2. Danny Ocean Says:

    Clean skin is in.

    this, no homo

    I can’t even respect your ink anyway if it isn’t a full sleeve or mural.

    no sign entry level rudimentary tats

    if you ain’t going full J.R. Smith mode, why even bother.

  3. Slumbilical Says:

    But that’s the point – murals ain even “badass” any more – even Justin Bieber getting inked – mad people who have tats be telling me “yo I wish I never got tatted, shit is hella regretful now”…only certain people will admit that…roughly 90% of people regret some or all of their tats – ask ’em on some man to man shit and they’ll readily admit.

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