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Game ft. Scarface & Kendrick Lamar – Murder

Game teams up with Scarface and Kendrick Lamar for the 7th entry in his Sunday Service series.

Previously: Game ft. Kanye West & Commom – Jesus Piece

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5 Responses to “Game ft. Scarface & Kendrick Lamar – Murder”

  1. Jackson7 Says:

    LMAO @ Mike Breen slipping up and calling the Nuggets, the “Niggets”

    i see you cracker

  2. Mag Says:

    #Forever boo boo’s son Rap

  3. Jackson7 Says:

    Knicks broadcasters been doing that kinda shit for years…

    if you listened close, back in the day, you could catch Marv Albert every now and then pronouncing Knickerbockers as, “Niggerbockers”

  4. Danny Ocean Says:

    the blank stares George Karl be hitting Javale McGee with >>>>>


  5. Danny Ocean Says:

    Iman Shumpert needs to cut that goddamn high top fade.

    no fashion statements whilst sidelined by injury…one of these veterans need to give Iman a clue.

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