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Video: Reek Da Villian – Use To Be Freestyle

Previously: Busta Rhymes ft. J-Doe & Reek Da Villian – Us Freestyle

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3 Responses to “Video: Reek Da Villian – Use To Be Freestyle”

  1. b LMG Says:


  2. B Says:

    Aight look. I’m not a fuckin pedophile y’all talkin this shit too far now. I simply did my keystyle and niggas tryna run wit it. Puttin my gov out there makin fake “b Lmg” masks, puttin my job location and personal business out there. This could really have serious repurcusions. None of my comments are serious I just shoot the shit and match wits wit da best of em. But a few of y’all is gettin to personal.
    Chea I apologize if you thought I was serious.
    Email me and we can chop it up off line.

    I’m out tho man y’all niggas is ridiculous


  3. b LMG Says:

    Lol that wasnt me lol

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