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Video: 8Ball ft. Elliot Ives – The Man Under The Bridge

Another one from Ball’s Premro mixtape from earlier this year.

Spotted: DGB

Previously: 8Ball – Whats The Rush (Video)

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10 Responses to “Video: 8Ball ft. Elliot Ives – The Man Under The Bridge”

  1. b Says:

    aye chea, I touched it in the maternity ward nigga, how bout she be both our baby, but she just stay at my house?

  2. harlem World Says:

    8 Ball never lost his skill

    2 Chainz tryna pass himself off as a poor man MJG

  3. Danny Ocean Says:

    Ocean, how much your barber want to borrow? Depending on amount might have been worth loaning him a bit of coin. Might cost you more to find another decent one.

    part of me thinks that I might should’ve at least heard him out.

    but history has taught me that usually money loaned is money given away.

    the worst part is that I had plans this weekend and need a cut in the worse way.

    new barbers <<<

    rolling the dice <<<

  4. Harlem World Says:

    ______>>>>>> being French

    W.O.A.T nationality to be

  5. Fyodor Drostoevsky Says:


    Datchu French Kev?

  6. Fyodor Drostoevsky Says:

    new barbers <<<

    rolling the dice <<<


    *Being in that chair and seeing a lining that's only appropriate adjective is disrespectful and still having to hand over that dub <<<<<< Natty Dread

  7. Harlem World Says:

    Too Short
    8ball x MJG
    Rappin 4 Tay
    Pimp C

    Pimp/Mack Rap Hall of Fame

  8. French Kevin Says:

    Being French is a gift. I can be sexually aggressive with your bitch, and she’ll never tell.

  9. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Yung P3d0 touchin dem young ppl

  10. Danny Ocean Says:

    new barbers stay tryna impress you with a super sharp shape up

    knowing damn well that all they’re doing is pushing your hairline back


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