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Pusha T ft. Popcaan & Travi$ Scott – Blocka

Wrath Of Cain mixtape dropping later this month.

Produced by Young Chop.

Previously: Pusha T Talks My Name Is My Name (Video)

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21 Responses to “Pusha T ft. Popcaan & Travi$ Scott – Blocka”

  1. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    O.N.I.F.C., the very latest offering from Atlantic’s Wiz Khalifa, is on course to sell somewhere in the 135-145k range, making it a contender for #1 next week

    “The stigma that I get — even with this album, the vibe of it and how mellow it is — you automatically say, ‘Oh, it’s a stoner album,’ just because I smoke,” the Pittsburgh rapper told MTV News on Tuesday (December 4) promoting the just-released LP at SiriusXM Radio. “Instead of saying it’s a mood album or something that you really have to listen to or pay attention to, people automatically say it’s a stoner album.” (MTV)

    ^told u Fupm meek mill #s

    Still onifc>>>>>

  2. Das racist Says:

    At least Pusha has come to terms w/ the fact that he won’t sell any records.

    Popcaan >>><<<

  3. Das racist Says:

    Young Chop tho >>>

  4. jderrida Says:

    At least Pusha has come to terms w/ the fact that he won’t sell any records.



  5. jderrida Says:

    FEDs got eyes on the Clipse at all times of the day.

    Type that to say no way Pusha “going diamond on his blocka” (II)

    Your manager doing 20tolife for Heroin and your bragging about your coke fortune and haven’t spent a day in Jail? You know what we call that…

  6. Belize Says:

    Whatagwaaaan Popcaaaaaaan

  7. Belize Says:

    the fact than little to no artists collab’d with Poppy or Tommy Lee just shows how they got no idea what riddims and songs are crackin. Big up to Push..even tho Poppy kinda luckwarm since Tommy tek over

  8. lex! Says:

    Popcaan – Only Man She Want >>>

  9. F YOU PAY ME! Says:


    what meek do 1st week

    once the officals numbers come in if meek outsell wiz ill stop commenting for two weeks

    damn thats crazy

    that means the taylor diein off not feeling him as much

    no reason wit his fanbase why he shouldnt top meek

  10. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    if wiz cant outsell meek

    tourin like he tourin

    wit his fanbase

    thats a problem

    and its 4th quarter


    thats a issue

    wiz fans not supportin him as much

  11. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    how dull would this place be witout trill clinton

    yall might find out soon

  12. Fyodor Drostoevsky Says:

    Popcaan >>><<<

    Vybz & Tommy Lee hit him with that ether on Informer though.

  13. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    how dull would this place be witout trill clinton

    > smh. i’m certain the comments will survive. thrive even.

  14. Carlos Voltron Says:

    My nigga JR Smith.


  15. Jackson7 Says:

    JRSmith >>>

    NYKnicks >>>

  16. jderrida Says:

    lol @ bobcats nearly winning that game

  17. gk Says:

    work hard play hard didnt work out as well as he hoped. he needed that black and yellow 2

  18. TruthSerum Says:

    Work Hard Play Hard went plat….I’ll admit it I don’t like that song too much or the remix for the matter….But it still went PLATINUM….He’s projected to have the #1 album in the US…..How is this a fail….I guess if you sum number crunching accountant or you apart of Taylor Gang then the final numbers matter to you…..But if you just listen to his music while you get high….Who.Da.Fuck.Cares….By the way that Jesus Piece just sprung a leak….Bout to light up this swisher n’ see what it’s hitting fo’……Bet Game’s shit sounding 10x better than that bullshit ass Street King shit Fif doing…..Nigga Fif doing songs w/ Chris Brown, Neyo and sum other Neo-soul ass fag…..Where’s the aggressive content at…..?


  19. Fyodor Drostoevsky Says:

    Power forward, and Denver metro-area J-Cole impersonator, Javale McGee is fucking hilarious to watch play basketball.

  20. donkey punch Says:

    cosign vybz kartel skin bleaching

  21. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    jus watched the barclays concert documentary

    HOV >

    his glow on a billie

    parkin the porshe in the arena

    rubbin shoulders wit the moguls n the titans and some dudes u never heard of

    he my idol

    hova da god

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