Video: Chamillionaire ft. D.A. – Show Love

Chamillionaire drops his first video in over two years for “Show Love” featuring D.A. of Chester French. Says Cham of the track:

“I have decided to release a visual for the fans that have been patiently waiting for me to finish my Poison album. I know it has been a while since the last release, but just know that the wait will be more than worth it. This is a stand alone song/visual that it isn’t on the album or any project, but I hope you enjoy this first offering.”

Spotted: Complex

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7 Responses to “Video: Chamillionaire ft. D.A. – Show Love”

  1. Big_seth Says:

    Draws my way out of poverty.


  2. mcb Says:

    last year on my taxes I claimed to have paid an entity 13,000. That same entity claimed 13,000 as income received. The problem is that the tax acct, made the error in adding an extra zero. So now that person taxes say 130,000 and not 13,000. the Irs called them like whats good?

    what do they have to do…. Oh yea the tax acct hasnt returned any calls.
    just to ensure i understand.

    you paid someone/some company for services, for example, building management 13,000 last year and did a 1099? or did you invest 13000 in a company?

    I imagine its the first one, and well, if you have support documentation and kknow the number is 13,000, it should be fine from your end but the fact hat he/she hasnt returned calls isn’t a great thing. lots of accountants are on vacation right now. but still. If none of this has to do with you, meaning, the IRS isn’t auditing your tax return, then you should be fine. if they are, simply inform them of what occurred, and state it was an error on the other end as you onyl paid that entity the stated 13,000. it’s not like you paying someone more would help the government. They just want to make sure the entity you paid, isn’t UNDERREPORTING their income. your income should be fine then I’d imagine. if the company is asking for you to contact the IRS, I’m unsure why, sicne it’s on them. They would ask you for copies of checks or receipts or some type of backup, but other than that… you SHOULD be fine, unless you receive some type of mailing from IRS.

    now lets say you’re the person with the 130,000 on your tax return, and you were paid the money, so opposite of above. your nice tax accountant made a giant mistake and didn’t catch it in time. Sucks. The good news is, you hopefully have stubs from checks/receipts/deposits etc. There is also a LARGE difference here. The government will want to make sure it’s not 130,000 though, as its a chunk for them in taxes, but if you respond to their correspondence as instructed, with the reason that it was an error made by your tax accountant (who really should be doing this for you, especially if it was their error), and that you only received 13,000 in income. if your other years tax returns are similar to this one, that’s a big help.

    anyway, im sure i didnt answer you question so follow up.

  3. mcb Says:

    yeah re-reeading your questions, seems like you’re trying to help this entity/their accoutant. guessing its someone you know or perhaps one of yours. regardless, respond to all notices from IRS, as instructed. get backup/support documentation to keep yourself ont he up and up, and if you filed/recieved a 1099 for this, or any kind fo statement, get that handy.

    this kind of thing happens. of course sometimes people file 13,000, then through 1099s and other tax tracking, government finds their SS#is tied to over 100k in income. thats where the government says “fuck you pay me or try to explain'”

  4. cOLD Says:

    if I could be anywhere right now… No it wouldnt be on some beautiful resort island sippin…

    it’ll be in a rain storm on a highway making a getaway from law enforcement playing Nazareth Savage at mind numbing levels.
    Dumbing the fuck out.

  5. cOLD Says:

    They just want to make sure the entity you paid, isn’t UNDERREPORTING their income

    ^ yea mcb, its one of mine… so the concern is for them, and what they should do to correct it.

  6. cOLD Says:

    it was literally just a typo, and past years suggest so, because the same amount has been claimed for prior years.

    …but I get what needs to be done. I think. Amend?

  7. cOLD Says:

    ayo, just had the ill movie flick idea based on my “if I could be anywhere comment”

    imagine you happened upon a small item, that would allow you to think yourself into situations for the ultimate rush, and as soon as you were about to be bodied/captured/, just as fast think your way back out into reality. A little kid playing in the backyard diggin holes found what looks to be much like a ruby…etc.

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