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Audio: Bun B & Freddie Gibbs on The Combat Jack Show

Bun, Gibbs and Despot are the guests on this new episode of The Combat Jack Show:

Bun B x Freddie Gibbs x Despot… where do we even begin? From Freddie’s ESGN label and current relationship with Young Jeezy and CTE to Despot being a NYC club owner and the schit he has to deal with to Bun B flexing all professorial and having the show turn into a roundtable on race in New York versus the south. It’s bigger than rap. #Newmanati!

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2 Responses to “Audio: Bun B & Freddie Gibbs on The Combat Jack Show”

  1. Soul Kontrolla Says:

    Damn, Gibb’s head is three times bigger than the rest of the dudes in this pic. nhjic

  2. Das racist Says:

    Despot >>>

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