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Video: Buckshot & 9th Wonder – Crazy

Buck keeps it surreal in the latest video from The Solution, which is out now.

Previously: 9th Wonder on the “What I Gotta Say” Beat

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11 Responses to “Video: Buckshot & 9th Wonder – Crazy”

  1. Carlos Voltron Says:

    Damn since the posting spree Sunday night Nah has been dead as fuck lol.

  2. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    They shook

    alot of bodies fell

    they aint built to take it to the mattresses

  3. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Nobody left to comment, everyone got hit indiscriminately.

  4. ayo Says:

    Now playing Jay Z-Come And Get Me

  5. Captain Planet Says:


    Chea is the newest edition to the MVP Candidate List

    This nigga is a zoo !

    My shadow in 3 … 2 …

  6. Captain Planet Says:

    Addition > edition

    Hooked on phonics >>>

  7. Captain Planet Says:

    * Is suddenly gone for roughly two hours *

  8. Captain Planet Says:

    Eskay hit me up

    He said Captain Plane your the cash cow !

    When you’re here viewership quadruple quadruples !

    I said well fuck alla day dumb shit I want a ma deal

    Every 100 comments I post you post a fresh Lil B video or Ima quit !

  9. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    this guy???

    you kiddin me or what


  10. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Captain Planet throughout that whole ether battle you came off as a cunt. No more no less.

    Nahggers really need to know when they should go to the comment box in the sky.

  11. Captain Planet Says:

    You’re absolutely right Piers Morgan

    I’ll take another week off – it’ll be a Nahright Peacefest !

    Happy Thanksgiving guys

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