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Video: Joey Bada$$ – Arrival in London w/ DJ Semtex

Joey takes London and chops it up with DJ Semtex.

Previously: Joey Bada$$ Performs “World Domination” | Joey Bada$$ ft. Ab-Soul – Enter The Void

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12 Responses to “Video: Joey Bada$$ – Arrival in London w/ DJ Semtex”

  1. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    eskay Says:
    November 18th, 2012 at 9:38 pm

    dead, niggas made this shit quadruple quadruple



    C.V. said you were gonna have a nice Thanksgiving and Christmas off this fuckery and I don’t think the man was lying.

    You should be happy there’s a bunch of bored niggas that congregate here on the regular, lol.

  2. Free J Says:

    >>>>>>>>niggas pretending to be hard body.

  3. ayo Says:

    You think its about being hardbody you lil troll

    I will get down for my pride and honor you fuckin duck…FUCK YOUR MONEY

    Yall heard me

  4. Free J Says:

    waaaa waaaaaa sound familiar? puuuuuusssssy yoooou aaaaaint toooooouchin nothin but the lotion bottle.

  5. Free J Says:

    i dont address losers, they address themselves and make their presence known…

  6. Free J Says:

    *continues living life*


  7. ayo Says:

    Im talking to you NYC…I dont care if my spot blown but how bout yall….You might have more to lose…Keep playin wit me

  8. Free J Says:


  9. Free J Says:

    shuuuuuuut the fuuuuuck up.

    waaaaaaa waaaaaa nobody is acknowledging me waaaaa waaaaa

    why is he pickin on poor wittle me?? waaaaaaa

  10. ayo Says:

    It aint that COMPLEX

  11. French Kevin Says:

    how fucking horrible is that walter payton song by lil reese?

  12. TruthSerum Says:

    Captain Figment of a White Mans Imagination…. You sorry ass piece of Dwarf Goat shit…. Unless I see a pic of yo fuck ass straddling a Nigerian Dwarf Goat w/ Tribal War Paint scrawled across yo fuck ass FACE while holding up the Nigerian flag proudly….I.DON’T.BELIEVE.YOU.YOU.NEED.MORE.LIEGERIAN.PEOPLE…. fuck ass lil’ Ragamuffin…. 10 fucking DAYS…. not minutes or hours…. Fuck Ass Faggot it took you 10 Days to track down a black man in yo fucking Arayan Nation ass Neighborhood to photograph…. Captain Grand Dragon ass muthafucka…. You dripping Remi from Higher Learning swag down to yo crusty ass Doc Martins, bitchwigga… How.Many.Copies.Of.Mein.Kumph.Do.YOU.Own.Fuck.Wigga……everytime yo fragile ass blue eyes stare at my Facebook profile, you envious….jealous….enraged by a young black man coming up from nothing…. It’s cool you were bore from fuck ass stock…. The fuckboy gene BEEN diagnosed in yo Family Tree… Ya mom works as a part time urinal cake at Chevron Gas Stations…. If there ain’t an empty stall to pee in, dudes just grab ya Mom by the throat n’ piss or shit in her fuck ass mouf, faggot… If she ain’t getting pissed or shat on then she’s working night at ya local sperm donation clinic…. Niggaz use that fertile ass smut for a dirty cum rag…. She feefee bag status…. But it’s for a cause at least…. Unlike yo fuck ass, getting enough coke to fill up the Chargers lockerroom crammed up ya fuck ass for 200 pesos and the enjoyment of having sumthing stuck up ya butt by El Chapo for the Zetas cartel….. They have you running barefooted from TJ to muthafucking Legoland w/ them bricks, drug fool…You’s a Seaworld Killer screaming FREE WILLY when you get splashed w/ water ol’ fuck ass nigga…. Dangling ya bitchass feet from yo baby high chair…. Fuck ass faggot needs a seat belt when he sits down n shit, yo ass whistling Dixie all the way from Daygo to LA… Dirty ass LIEgerian…. I ain’t done w/ you….


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