Ca$his – Terrorist Threats Freestyle

Ca$his over Ab-Soul’s “Terrorist Threats”.

Previously: Ca$his – Clique Freestyle

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10 Responses to “Ca$his – Terrorist Threats Freestyle”

  1. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    yall niggas is live strong tour de france cyclists

    aint nobody fuck a backpage bitch

    the whole story in the archvies

    i aint b

    miss me with that backpage shit

  2. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    plus i upped the pic of the white bitch

    she look better than some of you niggas current wives

    and thats a mufuckin fact of life

  3. F YOU PAY ME! Says:


    and previous might i add

  4. harlem World Says:

    ______ >>>>> post j dilla detroit

    poor mans n.y in 95

  5. Casket Face Says:

    If we talking ordinary flat booty white women Cobie Smulders is an official cutie pie.

  6. Casket Face Says:

    plus i upped the pic of the white bitch



  7. TruthSerum Says:

    I’ Too Broke To Afford A FlatScreen TV Or Basic Cable says:

    ….I bring my 16yr old hoe back to my Moms crib, when shes at work….

    ….Turn on that X-box360….And…

    …That box be doing a 180 out yo Transformers decorated bedroom to a REAL nigga…..

    …..Nigga You Fucking Transgenders In The Ass For E-Daps, Clown……


  8. Free J Says:

    niggas need to take their own advice and stop inhalin the helium

  9. harlem World Says:

    cashis is gd according to goonsystems llc

    so, does he have beef with rick ross

    and how much does he want

  10. TruthSerum Says:

    He Can Up A Pic Of A Tumblr Chick….And….His Wack Ass Sound Cloud……But…..He Can’t Up A Pic Of That 95Fwy Proving He Was On His Way To SEE Frankie says:


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