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Young Buck – Front Seat (No DJ)

This originally appeared with drops on the Strictly 4 The Traps N Trunks Vol. 44 mixtape, but the song and tape are now both available NO DJ. Produced by Lil Lody.

Grab the mixtape and the shirt you see above here.

Props: TnT

Previously: Young Buck – Put Me In The Projects (Unreleased)

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10 Responses to “Young Buck – Front Seat (No DJ)”

  1. S.I.C.K Says:

    Garage sale liquidation rap

    Lost our lease rap

    Starving like marvin rap

  2. Danny Ocean Says:

    only poor people have a conscience © bricktop

    ^ sounds good, and I prolly agree. But I must ask you. What about Oprah?


    Oprah doesn’t strike me as the type that whore’d her way to the top

    that said, I’d wager that she’s probably stepped on her share of backs and slit her share of throats on her road to building that Harpo empire

    props for building schools and hospitals in the motherland though. guess it all balances out.

  3. Das racist Says:


  4. harlem World Says:

    lost it all over a phone call

    first album was dope too

    buck got good content, but its too late now

  5. harlem World Says:

    blac chyna lookin sloppy as fuck!

  6. Black Says:

    People aint shit period. A nigga with no bread can be just as ruthless as any rich mufucka but all he can do is rob you for what you got on ya.

    Now when its robbing season for the rich they take everything. Crib, 401K, credit score, savings etc.

  7. harlem World Says:

    rihanna look like a straight up white woman in them gq pics

    shes just my kind of black (c) white man

  8. b Says:

    roffs @ this nigga, I didnt see not one free lil wayne t shirt and niggas actually knew he was locked up, I dont think cats gon spend 20 cash for a young buck t shirt but I could be wrong.

  9. Black Says:

    lost it all over a phone call


    1st ballot inductee for Self Ether HOF. 50 will never take his foot of that nigga neck smh.

  10. sealsaa Says:

    blac chyna lookin sloppy as fuck!

    I wonder about the fate of Amber’s shape once she gives birth. Will she get tight again, or will she stop giving a fuck, knowing that she’s got an 18 year pipeline to Wiz’s bank account?

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