Video: Big Boi ft. Kelly Rowland – Mama Told Me (Behind The Scenes)

Big Boi and Kelly Rowland give us a behind the scenes look at their new video ‘Mama Told Me’. Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors drops December 11th.

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7 Responses to “Video: Big Boi ft. Kelly Rowland – Mama Told Me (Behind The Scenes)”

  1. Captain Planet Says:

    * Adjusts Crown *

  2. Captain Planet Says:

    Barack … Captain Planet …

    Africans run shit …

    And haters gon hate …

    Ain’t no Cabinet position for haters, Sorry Mitts

  3. TruthSerum Says:

    Captain AfriCan’t Says:
    November 12th, 2012 at 12:51 pm
    * Adjusts Dashiki * then proceeds to email 3,000 people….


    //<<<<<Thas' YOU aint it, WaleWitOtherMen, huh!?


  4. ayo Says:

    You know there is only one king round here and he owns the site. We just comment here.

  5. TruthSerum Says:



  6. JDS Says:



    Lol niggas is stupid

  7. JDS Says:

    It looks like Nas is focused! I heard a very good rumor about the god. I’m hearing that he’s already working on his next album and he’s got a whole bus load of raps! Now, i don’t know if this is literal, but it seems close to real. Since, Nas has one of the best albums this year, its good to see that he’s about to bust out with another album next year. Did I say that? Yeah, I’m hearing that Nas is going to be hitting us upside the head with his next album next summer. -AllHipHop


    Unlikely. But it would be nice.

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