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Shyne on Game: “You Don’t Get Points for Beating up Punks”

Speaking to StreetKode.com, Shyne reiterates that Game is his son and declares that his West Coast pass is still good.  He goes on to say that Game gets no props for beating up 40 Glocc and claims he’s moving on, and that the Compton MC would have to reach out to him to squash the beef. I’m guessing he hadn’t heard the “Cough Up A Lung” freestyle at the time of this interview.

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9 Responses to “Shyne on Game: “You Don’t Get Points for Beating up Punks””

  1. JDS Says:

    It looks like Nas is focused! I heard a very good rumor about the god. I’m hearing that he’s already working on his next album and he’s got a whole bus load of raps! Now, i don’t know if this is literal, but it seems close to real. Since, Nas has one of the best albums this year, its good to see that he’s about to bust out with another album next year. Did I say that? Yeah, I’m hearing that Nas is going to be hitting us upside the head with his next album next summer. -AllHipHop


    Unlikely. But it would be nice.

  2. Kush Kennedy Says:

    That whole 40 Glocc-Game video looked like a Jr high sqaub with bad editing to be honest.

  3. Captain Planet Says:


    I can’t read what you saying unless it’s 5 paragraphs long

    You getting tired ?

    Keep going

  4. Captain Planet Says:

    When you got a certified Legend Killer unsuccessfully writing paragraphs dissertations in hope of ending your career ?

    Come holla at me bout this crown mah G

  5. S.I.C.K Says:

    Pap is nice but I knew damn well he was NOT getting a mill plus for his efforts.It took forever to bust that myth.Bout time.

  6. b Says:


    I can’t read what you saying unless it’s 5 paragraphs long

    > Basically he has been killing u all morning,u need more ammo.

  7. cOLD Says:

    shyne did ten years for letting his ratchet off in the air!

  8. AFGun Says:

    i duno how many times i gotta say this. YOU SHOT UP THE FLOOR IN A CLUB!! LOL i duno why this goof think he the hardest nigga alive. like nobody else ever did dirt. u literally shot at the ground. u grazed a ladies leg and thats why u got locked up LMAO. u lame son. next time u wana prove urself shyne. aim at the enemy.

  9. Jewtino Says:

    Jews be tripping.

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