Keith Murray – La La La

Murray is gearing up to drop a new mixtape called Lord of The Metaphor, here’s the first offering.

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54 Responses to “Keith Murray – La La La”

  1. Captain Planet Says:


  2. sealsaa Says:

    Ya’ll the championing this niggas work. Knowing he’s boo boo son.

    Who the fuck is “ya’ll”? I’ont give two fucks about GAYceon or his name-drop raps

    But BE CLEAR,

    Shyne ain’t in no position to be criticizing another niggas raps. He’s irrelevant. That nigga has put out nothing but certified trash.

  3. TruthSerum Says:

    Quit lying pussy….Ye’en never been pass ya moms sagging ass titty…..You aint NEVER been to TJ…..Because….If you have you woulda passed thru San Ysidro in Daygo b4 hitting the border…..BUT….According to the Daygo Gay Parade Float, San Ysidro aint part of SD…..Interesting, COWARD……Ya mother dont even like you, nigga…


  4. b Says:

    I cant watch this

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