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Smoke DZA, Al-Doe & Nymlo – Cold Water

Produced by Matt Cody.

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13 Responses to “Smoke DZA, Al-Doe & Nymlo – Cold Water”

  1. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy Says:

    I dont know if I like this Trilogy album. I liked the originals cuts better.

  2. harlem World Says:

    i killed rugby rap

  3. Casket Face Says:

    He’s picking up weight…if I became a rapper I’d have a planet fitness black account or a home gym on my tour bus.

    …All that road food, late nights and no excercise will kill a brother QUICK.

  4. S.I.C.K Says:

    LOL@SMH@ that Zulily Ad.A pedophile`s dream.Lil kizza in thigh high tights.

    Get money eskay!!!By any means!!!

  5. tHe kId fRanKiE Says:

    I here ppl sayin he dowwwwnnnn dowwnnnnn
    Niggas sayin that dooowwwwn but not ouuutttt

  6. b Says:

    I used to love H.I.M

  7. harlem World Says:

    if a$ap hasnt at least tried to move round in rihanna, imma assume hes gay

    nosign having dimepiece female “friends”

  8. &What?! Says:

    i killed rugby rap


    SMH accurate

  9. harlem World Says:

    tour life >>>>___

  10. tHe kId fRanKiE Says:

    Take you down
    I reaaaallllyyyyy wannaaaa take you dooowwwwnn

  11. Casket Face Says:

    In retrospect Eminem ain’t do shit or say nothing fly in 8mile…he got props for melting

    “Stop beating me up in from of my trailer, fucking my girl, clowing my crew…I just want to rap in peace…please, bully that got educated at Crankbrook in a black 2 parent househild?”

  12. tHe kId fRanKiE Says:

    Watching my life go doooowwwwnnnnn

  13. b Says:

    that guy is pretty wild now
    The guys a super freak
    The kind of guy you read about
    In new-wave magazine
    That guy is pretty kinky
    The guy’s a super freak
    I really love to taste him
    Every time we meet
    he’s all right, he’s all right

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