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Video: T.I. – Behind the Music (Full)

Here’s VH1’s Behind the Music on Tip in its entirety.

Previously: B.o.B & T.I. in the Studio | T.I. On ESPN’s First Take

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4 Responses to “Video: T.I. – Behind the Music (Full)”

  1. Honey Lips Louis Says:

    Tip might be a homosexual – no shots.

  2. Honey Lips Louis Says:


    Allen West – gone.

    Never trust a Black Republicans – niggas is literally crazy.

  3. sealsaa Says:

    West, a retired Army colonel who left the military after firing off a gun near the head of an Iraqi prisoner


  4. b Says:

    reedoms been overthrown by Skull and Bones scroll and key,
    Lunatics, upside down crucifix on their rosary,
    It’s the home of the brave, land of the supposed free,
    And Trilateral Commission expeditions overseas,
    Opposing me’s a socially accepted secret known to me,
    The Jason Group mistakes the truth as its golden fleece,
    Am I supposed to believe masons who have a mixture,
    Of Satan and Catholic scripture, traded some gas to Hitler?
    Should I believe when your forefather’s Jack the Ripper?
    And you worship statues in the forest to practise Wicca,
    I seen it unfold, summer season, reading a scroll,
    Translating masons speakin’ in code at Bohemian Grove,
    Prince Bernard of the Netherlands left some evidence,
    And the Bilderberg chose our presidents ever since,
    Veteran Illuminati invaded the Scottish Rite,
    Denounced god and Christ, worshipped man, and forgot the light,
    So I got to fight, coz’ I don’t care how it sounds,
    The CIA planted C4 to bring the towers down,
    Planes hit, a weapon’s born trackin’ us with Echelon,
    When a video exists of a missile hitting the pentagon,
    What a masterpiece, the past repeats, it’s never gone,
    In daddy’s footsteps junior re-enacts Desert Storm,
    Like let’s get it on, act righteous, cause a fast crisis,
    Double gas prices and blame the fact we tax-hyped it,
    But observing optics can see through a vermin’s logic,
    To just turn a profit and fatten Halliburton’s pockets,
    Making Satan’s fire lakes out a higher place,
    So this time I break, there’s only so much I can take.

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