Video: Marrying The Game (Trailer)

Here’s an extended trailer for Game’s upcoming VH1 reality show, Marrying The Game, which will follow him as he prepares to marry his school teacher fiance, Tiffney Cambridge.

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7 Responses to “Video: Marrying The Game (Trailer)”

  1. cOLD Says:

    Marrying The Game

    ^ double?

    I think VH1 is about to peak, in their reality series…

    wondering what the next big thing will be.

  2. Honey Lips Louis Says:

    If another black person says McRomney I’m not gonna be able to hold it in.

  3. big_seth Says:

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  4. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    yo i think i seen too short on couples therapy while channel surfing the other night.

    rap vets are really hurtin.

    idc tho

  5. jderrida Says:


    This might help.

    @French Kevin

    Building telephones isn’t similar to providing quality health care. Also shitty argument. Just because A may equal B doesn’t mean you can make C appear to be A and conclude it will then equal B.

  6. jderrida Says:

    Shit White People Say: federal government WILL NOT, and I repeat, WILL NOT make your lives better.

    Federal Government isn’t great but it ended slavery, saved the economy multiple times, provides aid to the poor and other many important things to brown people.

    But I’ll let you kizzas tell it…

  7. cOLD Says:

    I dont have a horse in this race, cause im Alpha and dont get sick. But people who are ill, need not to worry about care, that burden alone will cause more complications.

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