Video: Audio Playground ft. Snoop Dogg – Emergency

I’m just posting this to point out how lovely Snoop has it. How long do you think he spent on this verse? Five minutes, if that? There’s a good chance he didn’t even write it. I bet he’s still spending that check though. Notice he’s credited as “Dogg” rather than “Lion”. Calvin Cordozar Broadus: not one single solitary fuck given to date.

Oh, this might be NSFW in some jurisdictions.

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6 Responses to “Video: Audio Playground ft. Snoop Dogg – Emergency”

  1. Honey Lips Louis Says:

    Meanwhile, on some fuckboy site somewhere a video of some fuckboy doing fuckboy shit is going diamond.


    *fucks around with fuckarounds*

    *money dance*

    *money dance*

    Pancake ass niggas (c) Mouse

  2. Jackson7 Says:

    captain planet says:

    I don’t make life decisions


    thats because you dont have a life to make decisions for..

    only decision you make are who your favorite e-friends and imaginary pen pals are..

    you go nowhere

    you have no woman

    you have no child

    what life decisions could you possibly face?

    what browser to use???


    prove my FACTS wrong

    you cant

    AND you not african

  3. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    uh oh… its getting cloudy.

    > it ain like that when the sun is about to rise & you know your pals are up online on the opposite coast.

    lol. it’s like 5 in the morning in cali when that dude is like…

    ‘hey guys! you hanging out? i’ll hang out!’

  4. Captain Planet Says:


    You mad ?

    Shots wake em up well

    No one respects your talk on politics

    When we get to Alien Evacuation policies we’ll give you a call

  5. Harlem world Says:

    this is funboy music smh

    is this what snoop has reduced himself to

    the nicca look like a gay kim dotcom

  6. Harlem world Says:

    immediately the worst snoop song ive ever heard

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