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Video: Saigon – Blown Away

Unfortunately, when you try to initiate change in this country, there’s a good chance you’ll end up on the wrong side of a bullet. That’s the theme of Sai’s new single off The Greatest Story Never Told 2: Bread And Circuses.

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5 Responses to “Video: Saigon – Blown Away”

  1. S.I.C.K Says:


  2. Danny Ocean Says:

    Robert Greene

    the 50th Law >

    48 Laws of Power was ill as well.

    I still believe things like nepotism, corruption, and fraudulence trump anything in those books, as far as getting ahead is concerned.

    still good reads though.

  3. E aka Mac with the Cheese Says:

    nepotism is a beautiful thing

  4. AmpGeez a.k.a. Amphernee Hardaway Says:

    This album is gonna brick so hard.

    Just Blaze ain’t nowhere in sight neither.

  5. tHe KiD fRanKiE Says:

    Superfly is a great movie.
    Watched it years ago but didnt really get into it, watchin it now man.
    The dialogue, the struggle to get out the game, the way he played all his moves like chess, how he knew his right hand man Eddie was gonna fuck him over cuz of greed, the slick move when he had wifey hit da switcheroo for da cake, how he had da drop on da cops that tried to make him a slave.


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