Video: Curren$y – The Stoned Immaculate Tour Vlog (The Moon) (Ep. 1)

Spitta travels from his hometown to Florida on the road for The Stoned Immaculate Tour in the first episode of his new vlog series.

Previously: Curren$y – Priest Andretti (Mixtape)

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2 Responses to “Video: Curren$y – The Stoned Immaculate Tour Vlog (The Moon) (Ep. 1)”

  1. TruthSerum Says:

    @Fuck Dudes, Maybe!?

    …..So…..Commenting over 11 times on a Saturday is what Trill niggaz do, Nah,right!? Aye pussy you made enough at Wendys yet to afford a new SD card, you poverty-stricken ass LOSER…..You on here typing imaginary war stories that NEVER happened…..Nigga YOU cant even afford BASIC CABLE…..YOU….admitted to only owning an X-box 360…..Thas’ that broke nigga shit, b……PS3′s are a hundo more, so we KNOW who getting money when we come over to ya Mommys house and see them big ass clunky fucking controllers all tangled up n shit on the floor……PS3 too rich for ya pink blood, huh!? Philly niggaz BEEN pussy…..Nigga if it wasn’t for the City of New York, Philly wouldn’t have shit…..Who.Put.You.On? Easy….A NY nigga, stupid…..Matter-of-FACT….Is you stupid or dumb, which one faggot!? You 16 and WHITE….Quit Shelton Lee’ing….Nigga last week wanted to cross state lines on sum beef shit…..Next wk he butt buddies w/ the nigga he had prollems w/…..Thas’ what PUSSIES do, homie……You sheltered and scared, and visiting rap blogs is how you can live out your gangstalicious fantasies……Don’t.EVER.Type.In.MY.Direction.You.Bi-Curious.Ass.Hoe!!!


    Nigga quit stealing pics from tumblr and lying on yo’ dick, you L7….I’ll.Expose.YOU!!!

  2. Casket Face Says:

    “I respect the shooter not the one who get shot”-Floyd


    Thats weak shit, cause you was just letting him pipe your mouth while you was screaming money team. EVEN dissed you father who taught to that skill you blessed with.

    …As far as commenting on a Saturday, dudes never heard of Nah Right mobile?
    I chilled with fam, made some more cash, went to the movies, played some ball and got some ass…its takes two seconds to comment.

    I prolly comment 3-5 times the whole weekend.

    I’m on the train right now headed to lunch and some much needed down time in the city shopping and chillin.

    Some of us live in the same city, nothing wrongbwith checking in dropping some info and see whats poppin.

    Dudes is insecure about keeping gully, we not kids, some of us have kids and responsibilities…so its a buck to network and drop the low for the weekend.

    Internalized homophobia <<<<<<

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