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Young Scooter ft. Gucci Mane & Alley Boy – Faster

Gucci Mane and Alley Boy assist Young Scooter with this new cut off his Voice Of The Streets mixtape out now.

Download: Link

Check out an in-studio performance of ‘Hector Story’ below.

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10 Responses to “Young Scooter ft. Gucci Mane & Alley Boy – Faster”

  1. Honey Lips Louis Says:




    Kizzas getting hella desparate.

    Fuck Ya.

    Barack Hussein >>>>>

    Undercover Muslims for president.

  2. Honey Lips Louis Says:

    Scooter dresses like a homosexual.


    *thumbs thru the check*

  3. Captain Planet Says:

    No shots for Young Jeezy and TI ?

  4. Black Says:

    Corey Booker got da skreets on lock. Obama ain’t responding to DAT_NIGGA_REE

  5. Honey Lips Louis Says:



    Hottest song of the year by far.

  6. Captain Planet Says:


    Was that shit you said about cholesterol and sweating legit ?

    How do you lower your cholesterol just exercise and diet ?

  7. Captain Planet Says:

    Chea why the change ?

    I thought it was Mitt or nothing ?

  8. Captain Planet Says:

    Chea left EMac all alone at the country club spa

    E ain’t even tipping the water boy

  9. Chief Ali Says:

    he got all these up & coming bammas jus going at jeezy & now T.I. neck.

    kinda makes me wanna shoot & kill someone in self defense for more negro unity up here.


    Word. I was in the A earlier this year for King’s Bday

    all on the local radio you had them Duct Tape cats openly declaring war on Jeezy and them, talmbout how their pass was revoked and they could no longer get money out there, especially in East Atlanta. On the radio straight advocating robbery and kidnapping to get their point across lmao

    The Snowman is melting

  10. Black Says:

    Gucci is tripping. Jeezy put money on you and you responded accordingly… that’s beef. Yo Gotti dropping a mixtape on 10/17 not so much. Like cuz they dl his shit they cant get yours.

    Next interview they just need to read off the names of random bamma rappers and see what he says.

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