H Trae ft. Freddie Gibbs – Big Wheels

Off DJ Slam Roc & DJ Stanun’s Midwest Murda 2 mixtape, which you can own by clicking here. The tape features appearances from King Louie, YP, Gibbs and others.

Spotted: FSD

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2 Responses to “H Trae ft. Freddie Gibbs – Big Wheels”

  1. Harlem World Says:

    Matter fact, they got alot in common with that other Mobb

    them niggas is prodigies, if you will

    i still think havoc was jealous prodigy managed to do more collabs with wiz, waka, french etc in 3 months out of jail, then havoc did in the free world in 3 years

    havoc still rolls with them haters from qb, just bitter and aggy 24/7

    mobb deep was ny’s finest group (ll) at one time, a shame had to end that way

    prodigy used to black out up until the free agents mixtape

  2. Harlem World Says:

    i know niccas that would stand outside the bodega, or in the staircase

    gettin high x faded to mobb deep

    3, 4 at night

    just stuck in the matrix, like zombies

    the music touched em like that no homo

    even saigon said he shot someone because of mobb deep songs smh

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