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MHz Legacy ft. Blu – Yellow + Blue

The group consisting of rappers Copywrite, Tage Future, Jakki Da Motamouth and producer RJD2 are releasing their first full-length self-title album, MHz Legacy. It’ll also features appearances by Danny Brown, Slug (of Atmosphere), ILL BILL, Slaine, Oh No, with production by Harry Fraud, Marco Polo and !llmind.

MHz’ fifth and final member, Camu Tao, who passed away in 2008 following a bout with lung cancer, also appears on the album with a number of never-before-heard verses.

Download: Link

Produced by Surock, who also produced the group’s first single “Gone”.

Track list after the jump. Cop it on iTunes.

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1. Accidentally On Purpose (Prod. By Rob Stern)
2. Hindsight (1998) Ft. Playdough (Prod. By RJD2)
3. Four Player Mode (Prod. By RJD2)
4. Out Of Room (Prod. By RJD2)
5. Spaceship Ft. Danny Brown (Prod. By Harry Fraud)
6. Soul Train (Of Thought) Ft. Oh No The Disrupt (Of Gangrene) (Prod. By !llmind)
7. Addictionary Ft. ILL BILL & Slaine (Of La Coka Nostra) (Prod. By Stu Bangas)
8. Gone! (Prod. By Surock)
9. Obituaries (Prod. By Marco Polo)
10. Columbus Diss Patch Ft. Dom (Prod. By J Rawls)
11. Mass Temple Ft. Steve From Middle Distance Runner (Prod. By Jason Rose)
12. Y’all Don’t Know (Prod. By D1)
13. Yellow & Blue Ft. Blu (Prod. By Surock)
14. Satisfaction Ft. Slug (Of Atmosphere) (Prod. By RJD2)
15. Tero Smith Ft. Aaron Livingston (Of Icebird) (Prod. By RJD2)
16. Somewhere (2099) (Prod. By RJD2)
17. Mechanical Me (Prod. By Jason Rose)

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13 Responses to “MHz Legacy ft. Blu – Yellow + Blue”

  1. JDS Says:

    What happened to your karate class?

    Didnt wanna work it out? Stopped tryna get brolic? Wanna kick knowledge?



  2. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    but shiiiiiiiiiiit

    ill keep it tall


    Look at Kim smh .. i meannnnn , i cant really blame him cuz

  3. jderrida Says:

    >>> mhz Legacy

  4. b Says:

    Loaded Lux santino>>>>>>

    better than everything out now.

  5. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    We not watching the same trailer. The bed fulla women and Lucy Liu is enough for me to see it alone, let alone a Rza score

    > co

  6. big_seth Says:

    Iron fists looks dope.


    Cosign Rex about them needing to link back up for one more album.

    But Cosign TS about ghost and Rae killing it regardless.

    Ain’t RZA working on a Meth album?

    I think when he gave them freedom then there were too many cooks in the kitchen on wu albums. Let RZA direct that shit and it will work. Put egos aside for a minute.

  7. big_seth Says:

    Tical and 2000 were great albums tho. Only got shit on because of the times. Compared to other classics around then. Maybe not as good.

    But compared to all of rap. Decent. (Specially when you think of the shit now days)

  8. JDS Says:

    RZA was in charge for 8 Diagrams, tho.

    And maybe I need to go back and revisit, but I remember being totally puzzled and disappointed in that joint.

    I don’t mind if RZA leads, but he needs somebody like a Scram Jones to reign in some of the wild instrumentation he’s attempted in recent years.

  9. Harlem World Says:

    dear kerry washington,

    ive heard you dont date black men

    but how much do you want?

    i need you on my team x x x

    yours sincerely
    harlem world

  10. Harlem World Says:

    this tracklist is a backpackers wet dream

  11. JDS Says:

    Also, I don’t particularly give a shit but I doubt anybody is mad at that nigga Kanye for getting with Kim, per se.

    It’s just that dude be stepping out with her, and writing songs, and whatnot like she’s the most exotic broad ever. Like the world hasn’t already seen her suck dick & take it up the doo-doo chute.

    And listening to a cat get caught up in his emotions for someone who comes across so thoroughly vapid is hilarious.

  12. big_seth Says:

    @ JDS

    I thought he ran it but no one wanted him to and they were mad that he tried.

    I think if they were all on board and agreed it might be good. Especially if he let Rae like co-exec

  13. big_seth Says:

    Cosign everything you said about Ye.

    I can’t even defend that shit. Kim is bad and I’m glad he is happy I guess.

    But he OD with it. I don’t care about paparazzi or TMZ or PETA or none of that shit.

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