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Video: Harvey Stripes ft. Juicy J – Dolly on that Molly

Off Harvey’s A Penny and a Nightmare, coming soon.

Previously: Day 2 Day wit Juicy J (Pt. 3)

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2 Responses to “Video: Harvey Stripes ft. Juicy J – Dolly on that Molly”

  1. Kush Kennedy Says:

    “RT @OriginalShyne: @thegame Wassup son? Why u involving yourself on something don’t concern u? – If its bout KDOT.. It CONCERN ME !!!!!”

    LMAO, When I listened to Kendrick, (His O.D. days) no one gave a fuck about this nerd.. now he gets a couple of dre beats, signs to a major, He’s Hip Hop’s Savor, the next Bob Dylan, the bee’s knees and shit.. Fuck outta here.

  2. Captain Planet Says:

    Hip-hop is running Molly into the ground

    Started fucking with Cocaine

    What’s left ? Acid ?

    I’ve even been hearing Shrooms shout outs recently

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