Kids These Days – Bud Billiken

Their debut Traphouse Rock comes out on October 30th.

They’ll also be joining Asher Roth on tour. Tour dates after the jump.

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Thurs, Nov 1: San Diego, CA — Porter’s Pub
Fri, Nov 2: Orange County, CA — Yost Theater
Sat, Nov 3: Los Angeles, CA – USC
Sun, Nov 4: Tempe, AZ — Club Red
Mon, Nov 5: Albuquerque, NM – Launchpad
Weds, Nov 7: Houston, TX – House of Blues Bronze Peacock
Thurs, Nov 8: Austin, TX – Beauty Ballroom
Fri, Nov 9: McAllen, TX – Geo’s
Sun, Nov 11: Dallas, TX – Trees
Tues, Nov 13: Boulder, CO – Fox Theater
Weds, Nov 14: Denver, CO – Cervante’s
Thurs, Nov 15: Lawrence, KS – Granada Theater
Sun, Nov 18: Minneapolis, MN – Cabooze
Sat, Nov 24: Chicago, IL – The Vic Theatre (KTD Headlining Show)
Tues, Nov 27: Syracuse, NY – The Westcott
Weds, Nov 28: Rochester, NY — WaterStreet Music Hall
Sat, Dec 1: Danbury, CT – Tuxedo Junction
Sun, Dec 2: Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall

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