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Heems – Cowabunga Gnarly (Prod. by Harry Fraud)

Heems goes buck over a Harry Fraud production on this cut from his Wild Water Kingdom mixtape which will arrive on November 1st.

Previoulsy: Heems ft. Cee Gee – Let It Go

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7 Responses to “Heems – Cowabunga Gnarly (Prod. by Harry Fraud)”

  1. Das racist Says:

    Smh @ this track title.

  2. tHe kId fRanKiE Says:

    BEEN had niggas switching they screenames

  3. tHe kId fRanKiE Says:

    Got commenters in ether protection programs

  4. Highsaiah Thomas Says:

    i had 4 fathers and went to jail you had no fathers and went bisexual and impotent..who’s the loser again?

  5. tHe kId fRanKiE Says:

    @das racist

    Das you?!?

  6. Highsaiah Thomas Says:

    You bisexual and impotent so in your lil prostitute strangling mind you rationalize the fact that you dont get hard when you look at men as signs that you may be getting cured, but then when you look at women and cant get hard either…tisk tisk..its sad really

  7. b Says:

    A black president and 50 year old black men are still going to jail smh…..

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