Video: Reese ft. Curtis Williams – Again

I didn’t really fuck with that “Molly” shit Reese had out earlier this year and so I ended up sleeping on “PSA” which was actually pretty dope. Here he hooks up with Two9’s Curtis Williams for “Again”, which is the third single off his upcoming project, Reese vs The World 2, which drops October 30th.

Previously: Two9 & Robb Bank$ Live @ Atlanta Indie Fest

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6 Responses to “Video: Reese ft. Curtis Williams – Again”

  1. Chief Ali Says:

    Word Seth. Minstrel show status.

    Can’t fault 2 Tits though, he chasing the same check most of us would chase if given the opportunity, by any means necessary. This is where parents and the community at large come in to provide balance and perspective for these impressionable youngsters.


  2. Captain Planet Says:

    Donald Trump Offers President Obama’s Charity 5 Million Dollars To Release His College Records!

  3. Captain Planet Says:

    Lance Armstrong <

  4. Captain Planet Says:

    Iunno who’s a better liar

    Lance Armstrong or Mitt Romney

  5. Captain Planet Says:

    For years, as Lance Armstrong basked in the glow of an adoring public, his critics frequently were banished to the shadows, dismissed by the cycling legend and his coterie as cranks or worse.

    Now, with Armstrong stripped of his titles and endorsement deals, those who spoke out against him before it was the popular thing to do are feeling vindicated.

    “Eleven years of bullying and threats,” Kathy LeMond, the wife of cyclist Greg LeMond — one of Armstrong’s earliest targets — wrote on Twitter. “LA is now the Greatest Fraud in the History of Sports.”

    In some cases, vindication could also mean getting back huge sums of money.

    A Texas insurance company that once refused to pay Armstrong a promised $5 million bonus for winning a Tour de France, citing reports that he had doped, ended up having to pay it plus his legal costs. All told, over the years SCA Promotions paid $12 million. Now, it is “considering all legal options” to get its money back.

  6. Honey Lips Louis Says:

    *is secretly thrilled that the Lance Armstrong shit is happening to a kizza athlete*

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