Video: Wiz Khalifa’s 2050 Tour w/ Juicy J in Ottawa

Juicy J also plays his new song sampling The Weeknd’s “Montreal” for Wiz and Taylor Gang.

Previously: Wiz Khalifa – STU (Video)

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10 Responses to “Video: Wiz Khalifa’s 2050 Tour w/ Juicy J in Ottawa”

  1. Honey Lips Louis Says:

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    Easily the best ponzi scheme of all time.

  2. b Says:

    pat stay>>>>>>>>>>

  3. &What?! Says:

    Love Sosa >

  4. gramMasta Says:

    @ chea

    i know a nigga who got that style mastered


  5. gramMasta Says:

    having a bad bitch come over>>>>>love sosa

  6. &What?! Says:

    Black Hippy Swimming Pools remix >

    Q killed it

  7. gramMasta Says:

    leather sofa>>>>>love sosa

  8. b Says:

    Kendrick album aiight ,not a fan of his voice

  9. &What?! Says:

    Chief Keef makes catchy songs regardless of lack of lyrics

  10. b Says:

    &What?! Says:
    October 22nd, 2012 at 11:38 am
    Chief Keef makes catchy songs regardless of lack of lyrics

    > So does future, this doesnt impress me, a song should be catchy.

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