Video: Chief Keef – Love Sosa

Keith drops the visual for his new single. #300.

Previously: Chief Keef’s Finally Rich Album Cover Photoshoot

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56 Responses to “Video: Chief Keef – Love Sosa”

  1. cOLD Says:

    ill trade you a never seen before babydoll pic and an unopened copy of Sports n Fitness: A to Zumba Edition

    ^ good enough. Through in the pic of Danny’s ex, and we good money.

  2. JDS of the Cobra Kai Dojo Says:

    But seriously… don’t do that. Her whole self image will be tied into you.

  3. Chief Ali Says:

    you could crop her at the neck and knees homie..nobody gotta get hurt



  4. S.I.C.K Says:

    @ Nephew
    About a year ago or whenever yolo came out and b still had his income tax he came threw to get the herbal essence.we had did a few transactions before nothin major, this time he wanted a half ounce which was strange cause he’s a 20 spender. We get to discussing backpage and showing pics of girls we hit. So he asked did I have some females to smoke and chill wit, the proceeded to ask was I down to run a train. Immediately I thought man this nigga might be on some next shit. I played it cool but he kept pushin it. Not to mention he had already called the one to see how good I was. Writing was on the wall.
    That’s why he know not to ever get outta line and make a diss track.

  5. Danny Ocean Says:

    that “unheard Loaded Lux 2nd verse” on youtube is >>>> though

    ^ link.

    give that a listen, king.

    Lux delivered another sermon-type verse.

  6. Danny Ocean Says:

    Through in the pic of Danny’s ex, and we good money.


    chill god

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