Masspike Miles ft. Gunplay – Flight 69

First leak off Skky Miles 2: Cozmic Cloudz dropping in November.

Download: Link

Previously: Gunplay Surrenders to Miami-Dade Police (Video)

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7 Responses to “Masspike Miles ft. Gunplay – Flight 69”

  1. big_seth Says:

    JDS Of The Cobra Kai Dojo
    3 mins ago


    That’s dope. What does that company produce exactly?

    It’s basically just another marketing firm.

    Which I liked working at. I been thinking of going back, but I dot want to just be a “graphic designer” if I do. It’s gotta be a step up.

  2. cOLD Says:

    . It’s gotta be a step up.

    ^ the jokes write themselves here

    … but what exactly is a step up from graphic designer?

  3. Cypher Says:

    It’s gotta be a step up.

    no sign corporate ladders not being handicap accessible.

  4. big_seth Says:


    A step up would be a more managerial position.

    Like a creative director or art director. One which I would basically critique and guide other designers. Hopefully it would still include design work as well but I wanna be above others.

  5. big_seth Says:

    I also see that as leading a team to implement a design or marketing strategy as opposed to just working on one.

    I think I could do it well. Especially if I had the right chance.

  6. Stot Says:

    Marketing=flipping signs on da intersection doin tricks for 10 a hr

  7. AFGun Says:

    hip hop has never been filled with so many dick rydin bitch niggaz

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