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Video: Project Pat ft. Nasty Mane & Juicy J – P.O.L.O.

These niggas should take a field trip to the crib, I’ll learn ’em about some Polo. Juicy should bring a pound with him too.

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18 Responses to “Video: Project Pat ft. Nasty Mane & Juicy J – P.O.L.O.”

  1. jderrida Says:

    Really nothing to win when you burn bridges…

    TML has no replay value and TC gets a few spins.

    Drake could be ghost next year. Ye and Hov could have taught him the art to longevity.

  2. sealsaa Says:

    Fat Joe – career is no better or worse than it was before his beef with 50
    Jadakiss – unphased by the beef
    Cam – unphased
    Rawse – unphased
    Camel – ignored this clown nigga, aggy Beans resurrection and all

    What are niggas supposed to be afraid of again?

  3. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    not even an exaggeration but out here at least…meek, french, lil b, keef, etc are getting more play with younger generation than anyone from g-unit (even ex members like Game)

    idk about NY or the tri-state tho


    Not for nothing, but I work with a community center to get people into entry level positions at my (now previous) company.

    When I sign up and market at job fairs or hold group interviews at the center’s locations, the shit that be coming from them youngin’s ear buds is always margs like Keef, lil b, French, Gucci, Waka, 2 Chainz, etc.

    It’s never any rapper from the early 2000′s or even mid 2000′s.

    Sad to say, but CP and E mac actually have a point.

    Harsh reality for the people we vibed to in HS.

    Hell, I have a little hope for the few and far inbetween times I hear a ‘Ye or a Jay.

    And I don’t be hearing no Ross either.

  4. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    What are niggas supposed to be afraid of again?

    ^His new MMG chain.

    LOL, jk. I don’t know.

  5. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    No-sign clicking images on thesciencechannel.com that say ‘click to enlarge’ and it taking me to another fucking window with the picture THE SAME DAMN SIZE.

    Who came up with that dumb shit?

  6. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    What if the rover Curiosity ran into Dr. Manhattan on Mars?

    That would be dope. He’s have to bring his ass home and stop the bullshit. Nigga you human, so what you a blue nigga now.

  7. jderrida Says:

    He’s have to bring his ass home and stop the bullshit. Nigga you human, so what you a blue nigga now.


    His way of stopping the bullshit is blowing the world major cities and more importantly the people who live in them the fuck apart…

  8. TruthSerum Says:

    Y’all niggaz bugging like French aint hotter than 50 RIGHT NOW….Not when GRODT came out….But right now….The only thing relevant bout fif is that he had them philly boys jump Gunplay…..Niggaz aint bumping that basura ass Alicia Keys n’ Dre bullshit be threw out there…..I respect fif’s hustle….but he a fucknigga and EVERY nigga from NYC KNOWS THIS….Why would you hate on Fat Joe n’ Jada 2 of NY’s respected artist when they hop on a song showing hometown love n’ unity….Nigga Fif one of the main reasons NY can’t get back to where it use to be….This fucknigga still bitter bout niggaz snuffing out his fucking dopedealing ass mom on a bad drug deal and instead of seeking fucking psychiatric help or some sort of treatment w/ all that bread he got…..Nah, nigga be on that fuckboy ass petty beef shit….Aint NOBODY making NO money off that shit anymore….Them DTE niggaz aint raking in the doe for shitting on all the ATL rappers who sold records regardless if they fuckbwoi or not….Same w/ Maino, these metrosexual ass trendy bitchmade hipsters aint bout that life, so that beef shit is cool for a worldstar vid….but a career….Nah, French was absolutely right, since beefing w/ Jim Jones kinda slowed his shit down…..B.I.G. said it the best, “That beef shit is played out”….Niggaz be acting like this nigga Ja didn’t snuff the shit outta 50 in ATL back in the day or that Murder Inc. aint run up in that studio and stab this bitch ass queens nigga up….Real talk 50 need to slow down w/ the NY hate, niggaz trying to rebuild a city divided, ya feel me….Plus this fucknigga ran to CT, he don’t even be in NONE of the nightclubs in NY….That nigga 50 a hustler but he gotta lotta fuckbwoi genes ooozing thru his pores….Look at his record how you a New Yorker but hate New Yorkers….Nigga couldn’t get along w/ JMJ, Trackmasters, Nas, Onyx, Murder Inc. Supreme Team, Fat Joe, D-Block…….All NY niggaz, b,…..Fuck is wrong w/ this nigga….Fif need to focus on getting that hit single for his shelved album and how he’s gone to break Kid Kid n’ Precious Paris to the general public….G-Unit looking funny in the light……Nigga got bread aint taking that from him….But he aint hotter than French or Gunplay right now…….If Fif, French n’ Gunplay dropped albums on the same day….I put money on it that French n’ Gunplay would have better albums…..Look at how Ross’ wordplay n’ flow stepped up album after album…..This nigga Curtis’ shit been on a steady decline since the Massacre…..Be real….Yall niggaz checked out them mixtapes he dropped the 1st day n’ that was it….I’m bumping that new French n’ Curren$y track….shit is a smokers anthem….Fif need to have Banks write his new shit or sum thin…..


  9. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    His way of stopping the bullshit is blowing the world major cities and more importantly the people who live in them the fuck apart…


    That was Ozimandias bitch ass who set him up. Fuck that billionaire fruit cake.

    Dr. Manhattan was a real nigga.

    “It hurt me when he had to kill Rorschach. And his whole squad for dolo.”

  10. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    TS to TS,

    You have a point.

  11. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    That’s about the only nigga I ain’t fuck with in The Watchmen though.

    That fool killed his own cat on some fuckboy shit.

  12. AmpGeez a.k.a. Amphernee Hardaway Says:

    Truth Serum acting like French ain’t jump outta line with that interview.

    He set it off.

    50’s just reacting.

  13. TruthSerum Says:

    Me n’ my boys had this discussion mad times…..Really if you think about it the decline of NYC’s musical popularity was when Fif’s bitchass attacked Joe n’ Jada for hopping on the Ja track…..Let’s be real…..okay that New York track was HOT, even tho it was by Ja Rule….And it made the city look good to ppl who never been or visited NY….Lotta niggaz who aint from the Eastcoast but fuck w/ Eastcoast music was rocking to the D-Block movement, the Terrorsquad movement (remember Joe still was hot off Lean Back), and G-Unit…..I remember being in the clubs in VA and when the DJ’s would spin any Jadakiss or 50 Cent niggaz was loving it….Shit most of the niggaz I knew had the same amount of D-Block Big Mike tapes as they did Whoo Kid G-Unit tapes……I say that to say this….50 fucked up the marketplace for the average NY artist….People outside of NY understood is beef w/ Ja n Murder Inc. but his gripes w/ Jada n’ Joe n’ then Cam confused the fuck outta the general public….NY the only city where it’s this bullshit ass King Of New York stigma….aint NO fucking city held to same standards that a NY MC is held too…..Niggaz down south rap a couple muti-syallable words….Niggaz is the next fucking Nas or Jay….Game jacked a NY cadence and is regarded as one of the West Coasts leading MC’s…..Nigga like Fred Da God spit sum unbelievable shit….Niggaz can’t get past his looks which is pretty gay….But you get the point…..NY niggaz have to be lyrically sharp w/ the concepts n’ content….fashionablely forward….and street credible…..None of them niggaz in NWA did shit until after they got a deal but are regarded as Gangsta……Nigga EVERY member of Wu-Tang Clan had a record prior to getting on…..Being a NY MC is a gift n curse cuz everybody who enjoys Hip Hop loves a dope NY MC, but we’re held to higher standards than other MC’s from different coasts…..Think about it….Niggaz hate on ASAP n French for making cool lifestyle/club/party records when ATL has a buncha artist doing the same thing…..Like I said NY is a city divided and is due for a little bit of unity…..Shit we got ALL the labels there, but niggaz is going to FLA or ATL to get it popping and get a deal…..Shit is ass backwards….real talk I don’t understand how NY aint got their own version of Master P who took advantage of the indie game and monopolized it….Jay n’ Dame were doing it till they partnered w/ Def jam….But w/ all them project buildings filled w/ 1000’s of muthafuckaz…..you would think someone would just be about they hustle n’ say fuck the middle man n’ focus on locking down they entire hood….I’m talking merchandising n’ music…Texas been on they indie shit….The bay got muthafucking millionaires off this indie hiphop shit out there….NY too lazy n’ expect everything to be given to them, we’re spoiled by our legacy…


  14. jderrida Says:

    TruthSerum Says:
    October 12th, 2012 at 12:52 am



    But no funny remarks or criticisms for french?

    French being hotter than 50 doesn’t exclude him from being a fuckboi as well.

  15. jderrida Says:

    Even if NY artist unify they’ll still be held to high standards…

    I don’t get how 50 beefing with niggas keeps some enterprising rapper from eating off the underground new york scene…

  16. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    Even if NY artist unify they’ll still be held to high standards…

    I don’t get how 50 beefing with niggas keeps some enterprising rapper from eating off the underground new york scene…


    It’s like Batman beefing with Kickass.

    don’t ask me how.

  17. jderrida Says:

    B*tch Get Off My Bus: Driver Uppercuts The Sh*t Outta Teen Girl In Cleveland!


    Jesus Chaves Christ!

    Flawless victory!

    “You goin tu jail nawl!”

  18. TruthSerum Says:

    French came up off them Cocaine City DVD’s….I use to go to this Mixtape spot off Little Creek in Norfolk and cop them shits right after I washed my car….Still got a couple of them shits…….French from the BX….I don’t know him personally but homies who do have spoken highly of his character….I repeat character….meaning he look out for his team…..Can’t say the same bout Fif……Fif worth damn near half a billi…..but where’s Bang ‘Em Smurf at…..Oh yeah deported out the country…..Fif put a lot of niggaz on, but he been tagged w/ that snitch tagline way too many times by way too many ppl……I think Fif a HipHop icon, but he past his prime….He LL CooL J “Ratchet” status right now…..Fif had Alicia Keys AND Dr. Dre on his new single and that shit is cold…..French had sum nigga from Patterson PJs on the hook to ShotCaller n’ it took off…..French’s rapping ability is definitely highly questionable…..But I respect the fact that he got it in on the battle circuit and even had PeeWee Kirkland saying he was his uncle…..French had a lot of street dudes cosigning b4 the industry messed w/ him…….Shit Fif coulda signed French or Max or both of ’em…..But I guess Kidd Kidd n’ Precious P sounded hotter to his eardrums…..French’s hybrid down south/NY bounce rap flow can be considered fuckbwoish…but thats subject to opinion, becuz Fif did the same shit after he got hit up…..The closest to a NY version of Master P I would say would have to be Cam and Dipset….Killa was able to brand niggaz like JR Writer n’ 40 Cal on an indie label…..Think bout it….You prolly know the names of just as many Hell Rell songs as you do Lloyd Banks n’ Banks was on Interscope where as Hell Rell was on Koch….Thas’ damn good branding…..Them ASAP niggaz shoulda went indie w/ it….They prolly woulda seen what they netted off their advance in Merchandising and itunes singles sales if they grinded hard…..Major labels have their advantages but initially NY had a thriving indie scene that was diverse back in the day…..Not so much anymore…..To me the best record label model will always be Loud Records….Them niggaz had the best fucking roster ever….WU, Big Pun, Mobb Deep, Dead Prez…. Steve Rifkind knew his shit….Labels don’t operate like that anymore, you aint gonna find a lyrically diverse roster like that anywhere…..


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