Video: Ka ft. Roc Marciano – Iron Age

Long as there’s dough to grab, I’mma hold the mag
load the bag, ’til I’m a helmet and a folded flag

One of the hardest joints you’ll hear all year. Ka’s verse deserves a Pulitzer and I don’t have to tell you about Marci. As with all of his videos, Ka directed and edited this personally.

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5 Responses to “Video: Ka ft. Roc Marciano – Iron Age”

  1. Danny Ocean Says:

    oh shit

    the gawd emcee Loaded Lux was a special guest on Breakfast Club this morning

    *heads to power105 dot com*

  2. sealsaa Says:

    The fact that he has an ice cream tatt on his face should let you know that nigga is reckless Jeezy.

    Fuck the rest of it. And he made a song about killing your mans right after he beat the case.

    All of this.

    Jeezy put a bounty on Gucci’s chain, and Gucci handled his. Gucci’s actions>>>>>Jeezy words on wax/radio.

  3. Das racist Says:

    I know a real nigga named Gunplay,
    All he want is Gunplay. (c) Gunplay

  4. Tijuana Felix Says:

    what is the song from gucci where he says

    my repertoire is reputable

    and then says something about cutting off finger tips and he’ll hit you with his pistol its the reason that he got it for

  5. jderrida Says:

    *heads to power105 dot com*


    End the interview when the white dude starts rapping…

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