Audio: Shyne Calls Cipha & Rosenberg, Goes in on Rick Ross, Diddy

Shyne calls into Cipha, Rosenberg and K.Foxx to talk about his recent disparaging tweets about Ross’ new Black Bar Mitzvah tape, his reconciliation and subsequent fallout with Diddy and the drastic change in his voice and delivery on the music he released when he first got out of prison. If we’re gonna keep it G, he’s not wrong about most of the shit he’s saying about Ross, but he has to understand that 99% of today’s Hip-Hop audience has no interest in whether or not the artist their listening to is authentic or not and that’s just the way it is in 2012. I haven’t heard the new tape yet, but one of my boys swears up and down that it’s a classic (his word, not mine), and I will say that he was sounding better on that joint with Pusha.

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13 Responses to “Audio: Shyne Calls Cipha & Rosenberg, Goes in on Rick Ross, Diddy”

  1. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    What would Kobe and Kanye be without the arrogance ?


    wouldnt say arrogrance is one of their flaws tho

  2. Captain Planet Says:

    0 mins ago
    What would Kobe and Kanye be without the arrogance ?


    wouldnt say arrogrance is one of their flaws tho


    Ask Taylor Swift, Shaq and Smush Parker

  3. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    Marcus Goldman founder of Goldman & Sachs appartantely got his off the muscle to , from the botom

    Goldman came from an Ashkenazi Jewish family, the son of Ella and Wolf Goldmann, a former schoolteacher and cattle dealer. He immigrated to the United States from Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in 1848 during the first great wave of Jewish immigration to America, resulting from the Revolutions of 1848 in the German states.

    Upon arriving in America, he worked as a peddler with a horse-drawn cart and later as a shopkeeper in Philadelphia. There, Goldman met and married eighteen year old Bertha Goldman (no relation), who had also emigrated from Germany in 1848.

    In 1869, with his wife and five children, Goldman relocated to New York City and hung out a shingle on Pine Street in lower Manhattan, with the legend “Marcus Goldman & Co.”, setting himself up as a broker of IOUs.

  4. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    Arrogrance aint a flaw

    niggas just soft

  5. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Lol @ shyne

    He keepin it 100

  6. ItsLuRocK Says:

    It’s sad that we can sit here and openly admit nowadays that people just aren’t interested anymore in authenticity in the music. It’s just a talent show. I’m a product of that too. I listen to Ross and I know every word out this man’s mouth is a fairy tale on a hard justice league beat.

  7. AFGun Says:

    co-sign ross being a fake bitch

  8. AFGun Says:

    fuck all zionist jews btw

  9. AFGun Says:

    shyne got some good points. yea that cop shit aint fading away to real niggaz. bitches can pretend he aint a cop all they want

  10. AFGun Says:

    but yo shyne. ur voice.. um its still terrible. do u think u really sound like the old shyne? naahh

  11. AFGun Says:

    rosenburg and cypha would not b talkin like that if the nigga wasnt banned from america. bitch ass niggaz. shyne doesnt realize these niggaz is clownin him hardddddd. funny how bitch niggaz stick together on the subject of rick rosss

  12. Belize Says:

    realest interview that got no coverage, no love

  13. Gilberto Geuder Says:

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