Video: RZA – Sway In The Morning Freestyle

RZA does his thing and flows over some classic Wu shit for Sway in the Morning. The streets need that The Man With The Iron Fists soundtrack, though.

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10 Responses to “Video: RZA – Sway In The Morning Freestyle”

  1. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    im jus sayin

    if you press play on a song

    and walk through ya whole crib before the 1st verse end

    do better

    get a brick do suttin .. take a risk

    you livin bad boy

  2. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    speakin of savin money tho

    it was restuarant week in philly

    took my boogie bitch to del friscos

  3. F YOU PAY ME! Says:


  4. harlem world Says:

    i got the hood looking like beijing

  5. harlem world Says:

    fupm how old is your sister

    am asking because if you fuck around

    things can get ugly with them chinamen

  6. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Throw ya gunz in da aiiiirrrrrrr
    And buck buck ya just don’t caaarrrreeee

  7. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    I dont have a sister

    and if i did

    she’d exploit a soft nigga like yourself

  8. harlem world Says:

    if i find her address, ill have her driving from philly to connecticut with 2 chinese in the trunk

    corrupt her world

  9. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    bring general tzao and all your cronies

    them chinese niggas arms aint look enough

    all that extra curicular jet li shit wont stop a bullet

    this real life not rumble in the bronx

  10. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    id have ya sister rockin them new balances

    smellll me

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