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Video: Jay-Z Rides the Subway to the Barclays Center

Back through the system with the riff raff again.

Previously: Jay-Z Performs At Barclays Center

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9 Responses to “Video: Jay-Z Rides the Subway to the Barclays Center”

  1. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Life swap

  2. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    What’s this new purpose you found?
    How is commenting helpin you further said cause?

  3. Plug Says:

    Thats amazing

    On a peter Rosenburg interview, he said that was one of his things he wishes he could do

    the other side of the fence always looks better

  4. Bones Jackson Says:

    Do rappers perform in Vegas casinos yet? It seems if you had enough fans or hits (Nelly), it may be possible to have a legitimate career from Vegas shows.

  5. JDS of the Cobra Kai Dojo Says:

    Aveena Lee is a hip-hop DJ now?


    *Weebay face*

  6. Casket Face Says:



    humans are social creatures also sentient, therefore cannot live a healthy life without interaction or encouragement from others.

    blacks often ridicule each other who suffer from real mental illnesses such as depression and bi-polar dysfuction which are very real and responsible for a majority of the violence in the black community.

  7. AJ Says:

    yo THE AFRICAN DUDE at 0:28 secs lmfaooooo ” I Met Jay-Z”

  8. mike jones Says:

    this is hip hop? gay z on the subway!!! fucken ugly fuck

  9. AFGun Says:

    lol @ the body gaurds. jayZ shook to use the subway

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