Rick Ross – The Black Bar Mitzvah (Mixtape)

Clean/tagged version of Rick Ross’ “Us” remix featuring Drake & Lil Reese for now.

Download: Link (Dirty/No tags)

Bonus: Rick Ross ft. Rockie Fresh – Mercy (Tags)

UPDATE: Full mixtape + track list + stream after the jump.

Download: Link

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  1. E aka Mac with the Cheese Says:

    I predicted this would happen to Obama a while back.

    They gonna make it so it don’t matter anymore and everyone is gonna blame the black man.
    I don’t think they sabotaged the economy just to prove a point about Obama, US had been in decline for awhile & China has been rising

    and if the US Dollar will not longer be the global reserve currency what will replace it?

    most of the rising nations seem to be stock piling on gold, it’s the safest investment imo

    anytime the world’s leading economy has been overtaken all the cash currencies have uncertainty cause of war

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