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Video: Big Sean Announcing Sophomore Album Title

Big Sean broke a little bit of news last night for his fans in Montreal, revealing his second album on G.O.O.D/Def Jam would be called Hall of Fame – and is slated to drop in December.

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14 Responses to “Video: Big Sean Announcing Sophomore Album Title”

  1. Jackson7 Says:

    the pistol is by far they best song ever..

    i would love to find that beat..

    whoever it was, sounded like classic RZA in his prime

  2. Jackson7 Says:

    even pull out gun for de feud see

  3. goons Says:


  4. Jackson7 Says:

    put me on the corner watch me catch a quick case of cream fever

  5. Big Sean Announces Sophomore Album Title | HipHop-N-More Says:

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  6. Jackson7 Says:

    when i was locked down, i learned about pateince
    and dedication
    and not to say shit
    unless you need a motherfuckin facelift

  7. Casket Face Says:

    what’s poppin’?

  8. big_seth Says:

    41 mins ago
    big_seth Says:
    September 27th, 2012 at 11:05 am
    4 mins ago
    Not too many can fuck with Lupe.I`m convinced now.Had no idea.He has depth too(II).


    Deepest lyrics today.

    >Seth ,I know u stannin my geezy, but there are some cats out there with more lyrical depth than lupe, you just dont know they exist.



    His shit is like a novel. Honestly. And that’s why I Stan cuz no one does that especially anymore.

  9. Chief Ali Says:

    when i was locked down, i learned about pateince
    and dedication
    and not to say shit
    unless you need a motherfuckin facelift


    cosign pistol being one of the illest songs ever made…didn’t Lord Jamar produce that joint?

    nosign having to skip all the way to track 44 on the discman to find it doe

  10. Chief Ali Says:

    Nosign basing your opinion of artists you’ve never heard on comment section either from screen names

    If you truly godbody and all that you should be able to think for self

    yes shots

    and nosign Lupe being Talib 2.0…Talib have a thoughtful bar here and there mixed in with filler punchlines and try to pass it off as a song…his best shits was Reflection Eternal (mainly for the production, filler punchlines galore on that shit) and the joint project he did w/Madlib…sun ain’t got no classics or heralded shits for the masses

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